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SACP accuses Buffalo City Metro of focusing on affluent suburbs and neglecting townships

Feb 20, 2018
SACP accuses Buffalo City Metro of focusing on affluent suburbs and neglecting townships

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Metro convened its District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting over the weekend, which raised concern about the state of service delivery in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality while welcoming the resignation of former President Jacob Zuma last week.

The meeting was held on Saturday and Sunday at the NEHAWU Provincial Office in East London.

According to Ludwe Mnweba, SACP District Spokesperson, the DEC meeting was convened to consider to assess the state of the SACP locally and to analyse the socio-economic conditions of the workers and the poor across the globe.

He said that the meeting was attended by the SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) members, Comrade Lazola Ndamase - SACP 2nd Deputy Provincial Secretary, Comrade Anil Pillai – SACP PEC member and Comrade Andile Fani – SACP PEC member.

"Comrade Lazola Ndamase delivered the PEC input. The meeting also received a political presentation from Comrade Phila Nkayi, SACP veteran,: Mnweba said.

"We considered and adopted the political report, organisational report and financial report. All these reports and the inputs were instrumental to the meeting as they provided a political and ideological guide to meaningful discussions for they clearly articulated the state of our party and the concrete material conditions under which we are engaging in the concrete struggles."


Mnweba said that as the SACP, they had note and welcome the long overdue recalling of President Jacob Zuma by the National Executive Committee of the ANC.

"The SACP has called for his resignation and failure which the ANC NEC must recall him. This call was made by our party after some glaring acts of recklessness from the part of the President, and that he has surrendered political power to his friends led by the toxic Gupta family," Mnweba described.

"He has through action donated the sovereignty of our beloved country and plunged us into unbearable country. He has thrown all our strategic State Own Enterprises (SOEs) into crisis, Eskom, DENEL, SABC, SAA, PRASA, etc.

"At the helm of the rogue elements milking our strategic reserves has been the Guptas with the political protection of President Zuma and arrogant 'premier league'."

He added that President Zuma’s resignation must now become a bridge-head for pursuing further action.

"The momentum of self-correction from within the ANC and state must be sustained and accelerated. Never again must we allow an individual, whatever their struggle credentials, to stand above organisational discipline, collective leadership and the democratic rule of law," Mnweba said.

"We wish to join the scores of South Africans in congratulating Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa on his election as the President of the Republic of South Africa. The immediate task of the newly elected President remains that of radically reducing class, race and gender inequalities and uneven development between urban and rural areas.

"In particular, this requires increased attention to rural development and resolute policy measures to improve the quality of the life of the workers and the poor by giving effect to the right to work as enshrined in the Freedom Charter and expanding decent work for all." 


Mnweba said that as the South African Communists, they are concerned about the state of the service delivery in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

"The workers and the poor in the townships are subjected to squalor conditions in a filthy environment with uncollected waste, sewer running in the streets, collapsing roads and streets infrastructure, etc. whilst the life is totally different at other affluent areas like Gonubie, Beacon Bay, Nahoon, etc," he said.

"It is our considered view that part of the contributing factors to these challenges is the deployment of ward councillors as the full-time councillors, infighting in the municipality and governing party.

"As the party, we are calling for more concerted efforts in servicing the working class, and a working class oriented budget and the IDP process.

"It is in this context that we are calling upon the Buffalo City Municipality to establish viable cooperatives to amongst other things clean in the townships."

Mnweba said that the establishment of cleaning cooperatives in the townships will help to cushion people against poverty and unemployment and for the residents to take greater responsibility of their environment.

"We have observed the vandalising of unattended municipal buildings into the dilapidated state, including the Jan Smuts Stadium which is largely used by the children from the working calls communities. The offices in the Jan Smuts Stadium are vandalised, the stadium has no functioning water and ablution facilities," he described.

"It is in this context that, we are calling for an audit of all municipal assets and for the report to be made available for public consumption. This will assist the municipality and the people of Buffalo City to safeguard their assets against vandalising and being auctioned at night by some corrupt elements.

"We wish to reiterate our call again outsourcing municipal services and casualization of workers in the municipality. The municipality has the necessary capacity for waste removal but it is using the private trucks of those with close proximity to political leadership. We are of the firm view that the municipality must put an end to outsourcing and develop the state capacity to deliver services to the people."