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SACP Buffalo City calls for Zuma to step down, takes jab at businessman Chippa Mpengesi

Oct 24, 2017
SACP Buffalo City calls for Zuma to step down, takes jab at businessman Chippa Mpengesi

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City region on Tuesday said that it is concerned by evidence of what it called reckless, parasitic networks within government and within the African National Congress (ANC) and repeated a call that President Jacob Zuma steps down.

The call comes after the SACP Buffalo City region held its ordinary plenary session at the Nehawu National Health Education & Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU) Provincial Office in East London over the weekend.

According to Ludwe Mnweba, SACP Buffalo City Spokesperson, the plenary session was held for the leadership of the party to assess the strengths, weaknesses and the advances of the working class here at home and abroad, and to critically assess socio-economic conditions of the working class here at home and abroad and to prepare for the district council.

"We are concerned of the evidence of reckless, parasitic networks within government and within the African National Congress (ANC) that operates outside of any collective discipline of either cabinet, or the ANC’s National Executive Committee and other constitutional structures," he said.

"This has seen the rise of parasitism, rent seeking, money politics and emergence of powerful factions who use both political and administrative positions for accumulation. This has resulted in tax evasion and illicit financial flows. 

"It is in this context that we reaffirm the position of the SACP that President Jacob Zuma should step down as the President of the Republic of South Africa failing which the ANC must recall him to rescue the ANC from what is a monumental of crisis. The ANC must act against President Zuma for it to regain the confidence of the South African people." 

Mnweba said that the SACP in the Buffalo City is of the view "that rescuing the revolution and therefore the African National Congress as the instrument of the people to lead their struggles, is inside and outside the ANC with the working class formations taking lead working with the progressive nationalists in the ANC".

He said that they agree with the SACP Central Committee and the SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Executive Committee in rejecting the factional reshuffling of the National Executive by President Zuma.

"We are of the firm view that the reshuffling had nothing to do with the interest of strengthening state capacity or the interest of the people but was a witch hunt targeting our General Secretary, Comrade Blade Nzimande," described Mnweba.

"The removal of our General Secretary whilst leaving dead wood and tainted people in the cabinet is part of many manoeuvres by the president to strengthen the Gupta Criminal Network grip over the state and state-owned enterprises.

"The factional removal of Comrade Nzimande has to do with the principled call led by the SACP of President Zuma to step down for having donated with the sovereignty of our country. We remain resolute on our principled stance against corruption, greed, and corporate culture and our resolve to contest all key sites of power and influence."

He said that Nzimande has done a god work in establishing a new department altogether and changing the post schooling ecosystem.

"We salute our General Secretary for the good work he has done in changing the TVET sector for the benefit of the working class, the creation of worker colleges, community colleges amongst other good interventions," Mnweba added.

"It is our considered view that losing a position in any station of life for standing on the side of the people and the truth, should be a badge of honour which all those who love their country and its people should be more willing to wear." 

Local politics

The meeting also congratulated former Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Manager, Andile Fani, an SACP PEC member, for having been cleared of all lies levelled against him during his tenure as the municipality's manager.

"Comrade Fani endured an unending persecution for standing firm against corruption and siding with the people. We salute him for his bravery and encourage all civil servants to actively work against corruption and expose it, for corruption steal from the poor," said Mnweba.

"The meeting resolved to mobilise the people of Buffalo City to rise and act against corruption and to build people’s cooperatives. We will be engaging a wide range of social forces in this regard. We will work with all progressive social forces to fight against the phenomenon of the Chipparazation of Buffalo City (in refernce to businessman and owner of Chippa United, Chippa Mpengesi).

"We will interact with our allies to convene an alliance political council to take forward many issues for the transformation of the lives of the people."