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SACP Buffalo City Region applauds Metro for terminating Chippa United contract

Nov 1, 2017
SACP Buffalo City Region applauds Metro for terminating Chippa United contract

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Region, following a District Council meeting held at the South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) offices, in East London, over the weekend, welcomed news of the Buffalo City Metro severing ties with Chippa United boss, Chippa Mpengesi.

It also reiterated calls for President Jacob Zuma to either resign or be recalled.

According Ludwe Mnweba, SACP District Spokesperson, the council was held for the branches of the party to assess the strengths, weaknesses and the advances of the working class here at home and abroad, and to critically assess socio-economic conditions of the working class in South Africa and abroad.

He said that the meeting adopted both political and organisational reports by the District Executive Committee (DEC).

"The meeting received a PEC input delivered by Comrade Mawethu Rune, SACP PEC member. The meeting adopted a programme of action for the Red October Campaign and beyond with a more focus on building the strong party and resuscitating the Financial Sector Campaign Coalition (FSCC)."

On contract between Buffalo City Municipality and Chippa United boss

"The Council welcomed the decision of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) council of terminating the ‘unsustainable’ contract with Chippa United," Mnweba said.

"We have been consistent in raising that the deal with the Chippa United has been used to cover outsourcing of municipal services, like waste removal and rampant looting of public resources.

"It is our firm view that the people’s love of football has been exploited to advance looting of public resources."

He added that it is in this context that "we are calling upon the leadership of BCMM to come clean to the people of the city on how much has been spent in this relations to this point and for what benefit to the people".

"They must come out clear on what constitute the terminated contract and other contracts based on exploitation of workers and outsourcing at the great expense to the municipality. The people deserve nothing but the truth about their resources," he described.

Mnweba said that the council meeting also noted that there is no progress in building of the houses of the people of Duncan Village despite the court ruling on the matter.

"We are calling upon BCMM to prioritise the building of the houses of the people of Duncan Village to rescue them from the appalling conditions they are living under," he said.

"As the SACP, we will interact with the people of Duncan village to rollout a mass action to demand their houses."

On national politics

Mnweba said that the council joined the millions of South Africans in celebrating the centenary of the leader of the revolutionary alliance Cde Oliver Reginald Tambo.

"O.R Tambo was the unifier of the ANC, the revolutionary alliance and the people of South Africa. He was accepted by the people of the world as the legitimate spokesperson of the oppressed people of South Africa.

"It is our view that the centenary celebrations of this outstanding revolutionary must invigorate the renewal and unification of the African National Congress, which he dearly loved. It must be born in our minds as leaders and members of this great enduring movement that ours is to serve the people and not to preside over them," he described. 

"The council reaffirmed the principled position of the SACP that President Jacob Zuma should step down as the President of the Republic of South Africa failing which the ANC must recall him to rescue the ANC from what is a monument of crisis, factionalism and recklessness embodied in President Zuma.

"The ANC must act against President Zuma for it to regain the confidence of the South African people."