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SACP Buffalo City: State resources being looted under pretext of Radical Economic Transformation

May 23, 2017
SACP Buffalo City: State resources being looted under pretext of Radical Economic Transformation

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Region over the weekend condemned what it called the looting of state resources under the pretext of Radical Economic Transformation by some members of its alliance partner, the African National Congress (ANC), who are linked to the controversial Gupta family, as well as the "chipparization'' of the Buffalo City Metro.

Branches of the SACP in the Buffalo City Region converged at the South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU) offices, in East London, on Saturday.

"The district council was also convened to fill the vacancies that emanated from the passing of the SACP District Secretary, Comrade Boyce Melitafa and the DEC member, Comrade Thenjiwe Matiwane," said Ludwe Mnweba, SACP Buffalo City Region Spokesperson. 

"The district council elected Comrade Siyabonga Mdodi as the District Secretary, Comrade Mnyamezeli Ndlazi as the District Deputy Secretary, Comrade Nkqubela Sotshongaye and Comrade Thundezwa Mpambani as DEC members respectively."

Looting by the Guptas

Mnweba said that the council expressed its concern on the tenderization of the state and noted how our sovereignty has been sold out to the Gupta family.

"The looting of the state under the pretence of Radical Economic Transformation was noted by the council, particularly the way it is taking place that, which exposes those within the leadership of the ANC that are hellbent on liquidating the liberation movement," he said.

"The matter of Brian Molefe returning to Eskom as the CEO is damning and undermines the moral standing of the movement in society.

"We were told to take a collective responsibility when the ConCourt made a ruling on the Nkandla matter, but we continue to score own goals and cry foul when courts rules against us. We applaud the position of the ANC on the matter of Eskom, however it is worrying that the ANC will be surprised on such a critical deployment of Molefe to Eskom, this is another clear example that illustrates how the centre has moved from Luthuli house to Saxonworld."

 Mnweba added that the council noted and condemned the recent violent attacks to women and children in the past few weeks, the council urged its branches to lead the campaign against gender based violence directed on women and children.

"The party also spoke against the looting and abuse of state resources for personal gain, more especially the use of the department to provide bodyguards for comrade Bathabile Dlamini’s children," he said.

"The security provisions provided to comrade Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, through the Presidential Protection Unit (PPU), is extremely concerning. This is made worse by the ill-disciplined public endorsement done by the President of the ANC, arguing that comrade Nkosazana should take over as the next President of the ANC in the upcoming elective conference.

"It appears that all the things we condemned in the run up to the ANC 52nd National Congress held in Polokwane in 2007, like the use of state apparatus to settle political scores, unilateralism and abuse of political power are happening in an accelerated scale under the leadership of President Zuma."  

 He further said that the council welcomed the convening of imbizo by Central Committee of the SACP on the discussion of the state power to assess the strength of the party on contesting the state power on the ballot.

'Chipparization' of Buffalo City Metro

Mnweba said that the district council also noted with concern what appears to be the aggressive “chipparization” of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM), and the rate of looting of the municipality under the pretence of sport.

"There has been outsourcing of waste management in Buffalo City with BCMM waste removal trucks replaced by the private trucks belonging to Chippa Mpengesi [the owner of Chippa United football club].

"We have learned of the plan to re-privatise security services to the same person.

"The council resolved that the party must raise the matter in the alliance and lead mass action in fighting against this practice and campaign for the building of state capacity to deliver services to the people and creation of decent jobs."

Mnweba added that the council noted with concern that the BCMM is not having a political head in one of the strategic directorate, the Local Economic Development (LED).

"We are of the firm view that this does not help in advancing the strategic objectives of the ANC led movement. It is in this context that whatever reasons underpinning the situation must be attended to and not allow the momentary irritations to defocus us from obtaining that which we promised in the election manifesto," he said.