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SACP claims DA is exploiting Northern Areas protests for 'cheap politicking'

Jul 28, 2015
SACP claims DA is exploiting Northern Areas protests for 'cheap politicking'

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday said that it had noted with great concern the utterances made by Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Chairperson and Eastern Cape leader, Athol Trollip, in relation to the violent protests over teacher shortages in Port Elizabeth's Northern Areas.

"We view his shocking comments as mobilising for violence and instability in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth for cheap politicking," said SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi in a statement.

"His absurd call for law enforcement not to intervene in maintaining law and order in the area is tantamount to be calling for a lawless society. These kinds of comments actually unmask him and his DA as the masters behind the violent protests in the area."

Mdodi then warned residents against being 'used' by the DA.

"The SACP calls upon the people of Eastern Cape, in particular of Nelson Mandela Metro not be misled by a white farmer who regards every black person as his farm employee.

"He is under the illusion that those he view as his mere farm workers (coloured and black people) are incapable of leading themselves, hence he has since relocated to Nelson Mandela Metro to position himself for mayoral candidacy," he said.

"This is the typical apartheid mentality that looked down on black people as inferior citizens. As the SACP we have been in the Nelson Mandela Metro, we know the desperation of the DA to secure coloured votes in the northern areas.

"Their desperation has led them into using some principals in the northern areas to render the community ungovernable and destroy the future of the black child. The DA is using the same old apartheid tactic of divide and rule, for their struggle to preserve white supremacy will never change; it is what they are."

Mdodi added that; "We wish to tell Athol Trollip and his DA that the coloured community is not leaderless, they have their own leaders and requires no white messiah.

"We are calling upon the people to be vigilant and refuse to be used by the desperate DA on its quest of black votes for white power."