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SACP concerned by political infighting over Buffalo City Metro resources

Feb 27, 2017
SACP concerned by political infighting over Buffalo City Metro resources

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Region says it is concerned about the "deteriorating" state of the African National Congress (ANC) -led alliance in the district as well as political infighting in the municipality's council that saw disgruntled ANC councillors recently voting with the opposition in council resolutions.

This follows the party's ordinary District Executive Committee (DEC) meeting that was held on Sunday at the SAMWU Offices in East London.

"The meeting was convened for the district leadership of the party to assess the state of the party and the socio-economic conditions of the working class here at home and abroad," described SACP Buffalo City Region spokesperson, Ludwe Mnweba. 

He said that the meeting was attended by the SACP Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) deployees - Andile Fani, Xolani Malamlela and Anil Pillai.

On the state of the alliance:

Mnweba said that the meeting raised its concerns with the deteriorating state of the alliance in the district.

"The African National Congress (ANC) in the region is dealing with the alliance-agreed processes unilaterally and undermines the alliance components," he described.

"This include the recall of Cde Xolani Simandla as the ward councillor of ward 23.

"If the latter continues unabated, as the SACP, we will be left with no option, but to confront the wrong elements in the ANC head on.

"As the SACP, we will not fold our arms and watch when there is a factional persuasion of the SACP activists and genuine cadres of the movement." 

Mnweba said that it is in this context that the SACP in the district is calling for an alliance meeting and ultimately alliance summit to deal with issues of strategic importance.

"The alliance summit should develop the alliance shared programme in the district and provide the necessary leadership role in society. The District Exective Committee (DEC) further called upon the Provincial Alliance Secretariat to intervene, we cannot go on like this anymore."

On the local state:

He said that the SACP is concerned with the ongoing factional battles in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) over the state resources.

"We have witnessed some clumsy infightings, which led to some of the ANC deployees voting with the Democratic Alliance (DA) led opposition. The continued infighting in the BCMM compromises the delivery of services to the people of Buffalo City," described Mnweba.

"There has been an organised corrupt syndicate in the municipality which has led to the serious looting of state resources and abuse of anyone who stand oppose to such.

"This has led to the outsourcing of the critical municipal services like waste removal. As the SACP, we will engage our structures to lead a more intense campaign against corruption and outsourcing in the municipality."

On Education:

He further said that the meeting raised its concerns on the functionality of schools in the townships.

"We strongly believe that the functionality of the schools in the townships is of paramount importance to serve the children of the working class. It is in is this context that we reinforce the SACP PEC campaign of all public representatives to take their children to the public schools in townships, quintiles 1 to 3," Mnweba said.

"The SACP will continue with the mobilisation of broad progressive social forces through its Joe Slovo Right to Campaign to take an active role in education.

"The SACP in the district will hold an Education Summit for the party to converse with all relevant stakeholders in actively building people’s education for people’s power guided by the SACP PEC position paper on education."