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SACP Eastern Cape condemns 'political' protection for corrupt govt officials

JULY 27, 2015
SACP Eastern Cape condemns 'political' protection for corrupt govt officials

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape at its ordinary Provincial Working Committee (PWC) meeting, held over the weekend, condemned what it called the ‘political protection' of corruption individuals in government. The meeting was held at the NEHAWU Offices, in the Chris Hani District.

“We believe that we should all work towards eroding all the corrosives acts in this government, one of them being corruption and all its dimensions,” said Siyabonga Mdodi, SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, in a statement.

“What we have observed of late is the political defence of corruption, whether wittingly or unwittingly. This political protection of corrupt elements is actually a fight against the movement, as the movement has identified corruption as one of the threats to the agenda of the second radical phase of the transition.

Mdodi said that the SACP believes that directly or indirectly none of us should defend corruption as it is against the policy of the movement.

“It represent an enemy of the people, of progress and should be fought by all progressive forces.”

On unsecured lending to social grant beneficiaries

“The meeting expressed its concern on the rising unsecure loans to the beneficiaries of social grants by unscrupulous greedy institutions. These unscrupulous loans goes against the principles of lending according to affordability as espoused in the National Credit Act,” said Mdodi.

“We are of the firm view that our government should quickly arrest this unsecure lending as it traps the poor in the vicious cycle of debt. It makes them inefficient components of the brutal consumer economy.”

He said that this goes against the intended outcome of the social relief by the government.

“It is in this context that, we are calling on all relevant departments of government to act decisively on the matter and rescue our people from perpetual misery deliberately created by greedy financial institutions.”