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SACP Eastern Cape criticizes fake prophets, opposed to privatizing SOEs

Mar 4, 2019
SACP Eastern Cape criticizes fake prophets, opposed to privatizing SOEs

At it's meeting, the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape, criticised 'fake' miracles conducted by Pastors, who aim to swindle poor communities. It also said it is against the unbundling of Eskom and will be campaigning for the African National Congress (ANC) in the upcoming 2019 National and Provincial elections.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape convened an ordinary plenary session of the 8th Congress Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) over the weekend at the ANC Caucus Boardroom in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.

"The SACP plenary session was convened for the leadership core of our Party to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our Party organisation, the state of the working class and to provide scientific solutions informed by the Marxist-Leninist outlook of the world order," described SACP Eastern Cape spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi.

"The PEC is keenly aware of the need to strengthen the capacity of the Party organisation as the mainstay of the South African revolution. 

"The SACP PEC plenary session was attended by amongst its members, two SACP Central Committee members, Comrade Buti Manamela and Comrade Bulelwa Tunyiswa. Comrade Buti Manamela delivered a comprehensive input on behalf of our Central Committee."

Mdodi said that the meeting received, discussed and adopted both political and organisational reports, which discussed interchangeable with the SACP CC input served as the strategic guide to the meeting.

"The SACP in the province will roll out joint campaigns with COSATU in confronting the plethora of challenges facing the workers and the poor."

On unscrupulous religious acts

"While the SACP respects the democratic right of every individual to practise religious or cultural beliefs however the SACP PEC expressed its deep concern about the recent spiralling incidents such as rape, assaults, drinking of petrol, eating grass, fake resurrections directed towards the vulnerable communities being exploited in what is not religion or culture but in the name of religion," Mdodi said.

"The Party calls for all unscrupulous elements, which only serve to line their pockets in the name of religion or any other belief to be isolated and be prosecuted consistently with the laws of our country.

"We are calling upon the church to take an active leadership role to avert this religious crisis underway and make necessary recommendations on how the religious fraternity can be regulated."

On energy crisis and privatisation of SOEs 

He said that the PEC had an extensive discussion on the crisis of the energy supply in our country, which negatively affects the economy, and the lives of the ordinary people.

"It is our considered view that the energy crisis cannot be divorced from the crisis of capitalism and the crisis in the strategic State Owned Enterprises, particularly Eskom," he added.

"The meeting acknowledged the enormous damage inflicted on these entities through a combination of poor policy decisions and corporate capture of the state and other forms of corruption.

"We are of the view that all efforts to rescue Eskom and stabilise the energy supply in the country need NOT to be at the expense of workers. All efforts should be aimed at building the state capacity through these SOEs, ensuring no job losses, NO privatisation of the people’s asserts."

He said that in the face of the challenges facing the State Owned Enterprises, "we should be vigilant of what appears to be the re-emergence of the 1996 class project, which seeks to use these challenges to advance the neo-liberal agenda of privatisation".

"It is in this context that we are calling for the renationalisation of SASOL and ArcelorMittal for energy needs of our country amongst other reasons. We fully support the call by the SACP Central Committee and other progressive social formations of the review of the agreements between Eskom and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs)," Mdodi said.

"We are calling for Eskom to play a leading role in the renewable energy space as part of efforts to reduce the cost of energy as a basic necessity and for the de-commodification of the electricity. In the interim there should be promotion of use and ownership of coal mines directly by Eskom for coal supply to the entity."

Retrenchments in the mining sector and Government 

He added that the meeting expressed its concern about the ongoing retrenchments in the mining sector.

"The Eastern Cape is amongst the provinces that feel the brunt of any job losses in the mining sector as scores of workers come back to the provinces poorer to be the burden of the state. We reject any attempt by the mine bosses to justify the retrenchments. The retrenchments are at the main driven by nothing but profit maximisation at the expense of workers," Mdodi said.

"The PEC noted with great concern what appears to be no different to the 1996 class project of bringing about a ‘lean and mean state’ through retrenchments of workers through various means including the voluntarily service package.

"We remain committed to the building of the developmental state with the necessary capacity. We therefore call upon government to set an example for all including the private sector by remaining true and committed to the job summit resolution on putting moratorium on retrenchments."

2019 Eastern Cape Budget Speech

Mdodi said that the meeting also had a discussion on the forthcoming Eastern Cape Budget Speech to be delivered by the MEC for Finance, Honourable Lubabalo Mabuyane on the 5 March 2019.

"We are of the view that the moment requires the people’s budget, which will priorities sustainable economic development, decent work, a comprehensive social security, job creation, increased financial support for working class students amongst other things," he described.

"The Eastern Cape economy requires diversified economy as one of the cornerstones of our economic development trajectory. It is therefore important that the budget support primary agriculture and agro-processing as a critical game changer in the province.

"We expect deliberate investment measures in the agricultural sector to stimulate agro-processing, ocean economy, and rural development including access to clean water for all communities in the province."

he said that the Eastern Cape budget should also priorities improving the conditions in the Public Healthcare system as part of building capacity for the rollout of the National Health Insurance and ensuring quality service to the people.

"There should be deliberate interventions on the Education to build on the improvement that has been registered in the previous year. It is important that we put basis for excellence by ensuring that the schools in the Quintiles 1 – 3 are equipped for qualitative learning," Mdodi said.

"The Eastern Cape Province has a challenge of the roads infrastructure, which leads to many lives being lost in the Eastern Cape roads. It is in this context that we hold a firm view that the should be more investment in the road infrastructure network which will also work towards efforts to build an affordable quality integrated public transport system.

"We further call for the revitalisation of the railway lines to minimise the load on the roads and to reinvigorate the development of the small towns in the province."

State of Local Governance

Mdodi said that the meeting discussed extensively the state of Local Government in the province, which is characterised by dilapidating state of service delivery, acts of corruption and maladministration, political infighting, public protests, etc.

"The current situation in many of the municipalities requires decisive actions for these entities to serve their purpose of existence," he described.

"To this end, the SACP is of the firm view that the alliance in the province must collectively intervene in the areas engulfed with these challenges."

Upcoming 2019 National and Provincial General Elections

"Our Party has endorsed the broad progressive thrust of the commitments in the ANC election manifesto for the forthcoming general election," Mdodi added.

"It is in this context that the SACP in the Province has started work to campaign for a decisive victory of the ANC for our people, the majority of whom is the working class.

"All the eight districts of the SACP have established election structures and will now work towards official launch of the Mandla Makupula Red Brigades."

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