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SACP Eastern Cape denies report it has 'dumped' Premier Masualle

Feb 6, 2017
SACP Eastern Cape denies report it has 'dumped' Premier Masualle

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Monday said that it has noted with "great concern the sensational reporting" by the Daily Dispatch about the coming African National Congress (ANC) Provincial Conference in the story 'EC SACP Dumps Phumulo' in the 06 February 2017 edition.

"As the SACP, we find the story to be sensational with the intention of dragging the good name of our dear party into the factional battles within the ANC and to fuel divisions with the alliance in the province. The headline of the story creates an impression that the SACP pronounced a preferred candidate, when such did not happen and it is not backed by facts in the story itself," said SACP eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi. 

"The Daily Dispatch reporter interviewed our Provincial Secretary, Cde Xolile Nqatha who said 'It is an ANC process to discuss and elect their own leaders as an independent formation within the alliance'.

"He further said 'We cannot be happy as we see elite close to leadership benefiting at the expense of the ANC core constituency, the working class'.

"The Daily Dispatch then chose to add a sensational line 'Masualle led provincial leadership'to further support their imagined pronouncement," described Mdodi. 

"As the SACP, we are not supporters or allies of any individual leader within the ANC, we are in alliance with the ANC and not with the faction.

"We wish to put it on record that as the SACP we have always viewed the issues of election of leadership of the ANC and any other alliance component as an internal process of an independent organ but that does not mean we are a disinterested party."

He said that the SACP in the Eastern Cape would like to see, amongst other things post the coming provincial conference of the ANC, an ANC that is committed to implementation of the second more radical phase of the National Democratic Revolution resulting in economic benefits going to the majority of the workers and the poor than the connected elites and their families.

"We would like to see the ANC leadership that is committed in uniting the ANC and the entire congress movement and to serve the people," sad Mdodi.

"We wish to reiterate that as the SACP, we are not an extension of any leader in the ANC and we are not in a pocket of any comrade as the dispatch would like society to believe.  We view the report by the Daily Dispatch sensational and malicious reporting that lacks commitment to professional and objective reporting."