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SACP Eastern Cape meets Mzoleli Mrara over misconduct allegations

JUNE 17, 2015
SACP Eastern Cape meets Mzoleli Mrara over misconduct allegations

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday said that it held a meeting of the provincial officials and received a detailed report from ANC Chief Whip and SACP Provincial Chairperson, Mzoleli Mrara, over allegations ofnepotism and abuse of public funds, which made rounds in the media.

“The meeting was held with him in his capacity as the Provincial Chairperson of the SACP as the allegations were damaging to the SACP standing in society.

“The meeting was extended to Provincial Executive Committee members of the Party, comrades Koliswa Fihlani, Mpumelo Saziwa, Luthando Buso, Fundile Gade and Pumeza Mpushe,” said SACP Provincial Spokesperson, Siyabonga Mdodi.

Mdodi said that on the allegations of nepotism; “The meeting agreed that whilst the appointment of a researcher in the Legislature appeared to have been without comrade Mrara’s direct involvement in the panel or appeal’s process. The employment of a person close to him in his office is against our own communist revolutionary morality and is viewed as unethical and should not have happened.

“The meeting accepted comrade Mrara’s personal circumstances as it relate to his child and expressed regret from his part for the harm caused. The meeting expressed its appreciation for the protection of rights of children born outside marriage, but agreed that, although we understood his predicament as a responsible parent, nothing can justify any unethical conduct.”

He said that Mrara had committed to consult relevant stakeholders in his place of employment with a view of finding an amicable resolution of issues in conflict, as an expectation from an SACP cadre.

On the allegations of the abuse of public funds.

“Having considered all the documents including Eastern Cape Legislature policies and vouchers, we could not find any evidence for the abuse of public funds as reported in the Saturday Dispatch of the 13 June 2015.

“The costs incurred were in line with what was permitted for any member of the legislature and that tickets used were used for listed beneficiaries using annual allocated tickets to a Member of the Provincial Legislator like all members of the legislature. Again at the dates of December 2014 where he was reported to be on holiday was never on holiday but attended the YCL National congress as part of the SACP delegation, so we know he was not on any holiday,” Mdodi said.

“What we also found to be factually incorrect in the Daily Dispatch report is to claim existence of wrong doing from comrade Mrara since 2009 and cite the above December trip and yet comrade Mrara became the Chief Whip only in August of 2013.

“For a detailed response on this specific allegation, comrade Mrara will in few days issue a statement expressing his regret on the perceived acts of nepotism and explain the incorrectness of the accusations of misuse of public funds.” 

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