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SACP EC Provincial Working Committee outcomes

SACP EC Provincial Working Committee outcomes

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape convened its Provincial Working Committee (PWC) on the 18 January 2015 at the SACP Provincial Office in Bhisho. The meeting was convened to develop the program of action for the year 2015 and make a concrete scientific analysis on the socio-economic conditions faced by the workers and the poor here at home and abroad.

The PWC meeting took into cognisance the fact that this is a very important year for our broad movement, as there will be an SACP special congress; the African National Congress (ANC) will have the National General Council (NGC) and Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) will have its National Congress. This year therefore requires a strong, vibrant and agile party, the only vanguard of the working class to ensure that all these will not be events but important platforms in deepening, defending and advancing the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

The PWC meeting congratulated Cde Mluleki Dlelanga, YCLSA Provincial Secretary on his election as the National Secretary of the YCLSA (uFasimba). We trust that working with the YCLSA national leadership collective they will build a stronger youth wing of the party in mobilisation of youth for socialism and contribute in resolving challenges facing young people including among others access to education and jobs.

On National:

The meeting condemns with the contempt it deserve the frivolous threats made by the fascist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to the State of the Nation Address (SONA). This protracted hooliganism by the EFF represents an attack not to the person of President Jacob Zuma but to our hard won democracy and the functioning of state institutions. This lumpen behaviour can only be carried out by the agents of the imperialists masquerading as genuine revolutionaries.

The people of South Africa must not be misled by what is projected as the anti-corruption fight by a thoroughly corrupt people who squandered every cent from the Limpopo provincial government. We know them for who they are, they are thieves who want to destabilise our country.

The ANC led alliance and the people at large must defend parliament as a people’s assemble against the EFF hooliganism on the 12 February and in any other event. This lumpen act by the EFF cannot be divorced from the anti-majoritarian character of our democracy, as the EFF is made of un-rehabilitated hooligans who are fugitives of both democracy and discipline in the ANC.


We re-affirm our sustained call to all in the province to strengthen the provincial government for an increased and un-interrupted service delivery to the people. This requires that we uproot corruption and fraud in the provincial government and local government sphere. It is in this context that we will mobilise all our structures to actively campaign and fight against corruption wherever it raises its ugly head.

We are again calling for decisive action to be taken on all the forensic reports in different levels as they expose deep seated corrupt activities. We cannot continue to have the Kabuso Report in Nelson Mandela; Ernst & Young report in the Buffalo City and the Nelson Mandela memorial scandal hanging as a dark cloud in the movement. As long as there is no action on wrong doing those in actions do not represent the ANC led Alliance.

We are calling upon the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela to release her findings in the investigation relating to the Nelson Mandela memorial scandal as soon as possible, so that the report is not released on the eve of local government elections. The report should not be used as an electioneering tool for the DA led opposition like it happened with the Nkandla report. The report should therefore be used as means to getting to the root of what had transpired and ensure accountability for all those who might have been found to have done wrong.

Scholar transport:

We welcome the solution by the Eastern Cape departments of Transport and Education in ensuring that learners will be ferried to schools without glitches. We welcome that both departments put the education and well-being of the leaners in front than those of greedy business cartel who wants to milk state resources.

It is in this context that we are calling for an adequate and qualitative scholar transport, we have witnessed many cases of children in the province perishing on their way to acquire education. This is sad history that we must all work hard to avoid and trust that the number of transported learners will increase with the cutting of the middle man which was costing the department not less than R30 million per annum. 

Group copying on matric:

The PWC wishes to express its strong view against the three year suspension of learners who are found guilty of cheating as such action will destroy the future of those learners. It is our considered view that no child should take a responsibility of action imposed upon them by their invigilators. We don’t condone their participation in copying and cheating however they cannot be denied their right to education. It is in this context that we believe if there should be any corrective measures taken against them, it should be taken to rehabilitate them not to destroy their future.

We are therefore calling upon the Department of Education to reconsider the decision taken on the matter and put a constructive corrective measure.

IMAGE sourced from www.sacp.org.za