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SACP ECape discusses corruption, infighting within alliance, ANC Manifesto launch

Apr 25, 2016
SACP ECape discusses corruption, infighting within alliance, ANC Manifesto launch

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Sunday convened its Provincial Working Committee (PWC) at Alfred Nzo District where the party discussed several issues confronting it including challenges in the Tripartite Alliance, the Nkandla saga, the Mandela Memorial Funds scandal, and the recent manifesto launch by its alliance partner, the ANC, in Nelson Mandela Bay.

According to Siyabonga Mdodi, SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Spokesperson; "The PWC meeting was preceded by the successful Special District Council of the Alfred Nzo District. The Special District Council provided was convened as per the instruction of the SACP Central Committee, to create a platform for the Central Committee of the party to engage with its structures on the current political situation in our country and the direction of our revolution.

"We had also convened four other successful Special District Councils in Skenjana Roji (Buffalo City), KK Chule Papiyane (Sarah Bartmaan) and Ncumisa Kondlo (Amathole)."

Central Committee Report:

Mdodi said that a Central Committee report was tabled by the SACP Provincial Secretary, Xolile Nqatha in the Special District Council.

"The report focused on the CC discussions on the challenges confronting the movement and our country, including the corporate capture, Constitutional Court judgement on the Nkandla Saga.

"The report gave a clear direction in line with the PB discussions on what is it that we are confronted with and what needs to be done. The council discussed and welcomed the report as a revolutionary guide in resolving these challenges, because we believe if they are left unattended they limit the capacity of the movement to focus on its strategic objectives," he described.

Mdodi said that the Council urged the movement to put the organisation above any individual, including the President of the ANC, and "that our people must always be at the centre of all what we do as an ANC led movement".

"On the posture of those, who throw insults at the veterans and the church, the PWC called upon them to be more tolerant of different views and be aware of the fact that if you shout at people, they will shout you back and the best way of providing leadership is to engage them constructively with respect. It should not be that those who are allowed to shout are those who are agreeing with us."  

Challenges in the functionality of the Alliance

"We received the reports from the structures of the party on the challenges confronting the functionality of our alliance, manipulation of candidate selection processes and corruption in the local government.

"It is important to note that the Provincial Alliance Summit discussed the challenges in the functionality of the alliance in Alfred Nzo, Buffalo City and Amathole, and resolved that the Provincial Alliance Secretariat must attend to all the identified hot spots areas and that regional alliance summit(s) must be convened in all the regions before the Local Government Elections," said Mdodi.

"Subsequently, on the 18 April 2016 the Provincial Alliance Secretariat visited Alfred Nzo to attend to the challenges in line with the resolutions of the summit. The meeting was a success and crafted a way forward on resolving those challenges including the visits to all sub-districts/ sub-regions and creating alliance inclusive local government election processes including selection of candidates. We agreed to work together as the alliance for an overwhelming victory of the African National Congress (ANC) in the 2016 Local Government Elections."

He said that despite all the challenges in Alfred Nzo District, in particular Mbizana, "where there is a persistent narrow anti-communist agenda and thorough going corrupt activities", the meeting recommitted the party to work tirelessly for the overwhelming victory of the ANC, true to the spirit of the resolves of the meeting with the Provincial Alliance Secretariat. 

"The SACP in the district clarified the widely reported matter that it is contesting the 2016 Local Government Elections. The SACP is NOTcontesting Local Government Elections outside the agreed process of an ANC led process. Equally as contained in the very ANC guidelines, as SACP we will not support imposed candidates and those who are corrupt."

PWC meeting

The PWC meeting also congratulated the South African Students Congress (SASCO) for the electoral victory in the University of Fort Hare SRC elections.

"The victory of SASCO in the UFH is an important revolutionary gain as the students affirmed SASCO as the only student organisation capable of carrying the aspirations of the students," Mdodi said.

"The students at UFH rejected the DA and its student organisation as they have seen it for what it is, the party for the privileged elite and for the preservation of the white supremacy. We trust that the Progressive Youth Alliance will continue working together in all the institutions of higher learning and training to ensure greater service to the students.

"We are fully behind the decision of SASCO to now focus on servicing students and desists from the pre-occupation with bashes and other niceties.  There is nothing wrong with young people being young and party, but priorities must be placed correctly to study hard and succeed."

ANC Manifesto Launch Rally

While applauding the ANC's Local Government Elections Manifesto in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, the SACP in the Eastern Cape said it was worried about low turnout.

"We are of the firm view that the rally represents one of the political moments that require deep reflections within the movement, as the attendance was not what it historically used to be. A moment like this underline the abnormality of the situation. We are of the view that there are some internal dynamics that continue to undermine our collective effort to rebuild the region and defend our movement. Those among others are things we need to confront in the Nelson Mandela Region," said Mdodi.

"We welcome the pronouncement on prohibiting councillors and their relatives to do business with the local state. We are of the firm view that we should also be clearer at the Provincial and National Level as some of our leaders and deployees (with their relatives) are doing business with the state, some through their families."

He said that they have always argued that leaders or their relatives, who are doing business with the state have an unfair advantage compared to other genuine small businesses with no such connection.

Public Protector report on the Nelson Mandela Funeral Scandal

"As the SACP, we are on record having called for the Public Protector to release the reports on the Nelson Mandela Memorial Fraud investigations as soon as possible. This we were raising out of our experience with the Office of the Public Protector, which in many occasions releases reports on the eve of elections. That wittingly or unwittingly puts the Public Protector in the political game," said Mdodi.

"We have noted that as we get closer to the Local Government Elections, the reports on the Nelson Mandela Fraud is said to be ready soon. It is in this context that we are once again calling upon the Public Protector to release the report on the Nelson Mandela Memorial Fraud and not wait until the eve of the elections as that will continue to erode public confidence on the office of the Public Protector even beyond the incumbent, as it would appear to be not impartial."