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SACP ECape maintains greedy elements within ANC behind Fani dismissal

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
SACP ECape maintains greedy elements within ANC behind Fani dismissal

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Thursday said that it has noted the dismissal of Andile Fani as the City Manager of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) "after so many years of atrocious persecution and vilification".  

"What we find strange and also as part of the continued persecution, vilification and humiliation of Andile Fani is that he learns from the media about his dismissal than hearing from his employer, BCMM, as the law prescribes," described Xolile Nqatha, SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary. 

"As the SACP, we saw this coming as some of those, who claim to be the African National Congress (ANC), do not care about the ANC and the people. They are instead willing to do all possible to remove anything that represent a stumbling block in their conspicuous consumption and greedy selfish accumulation agenda. They are more than prepared to deal with whoever or whatever that may be in their way of vicious looting of state resources." 

He said that it is through their conduct that "they continue to disregard the unambiguous message conveyed to all of us by our people on the 03 August 2016, local government elections".

"They continue with extreme arrogance, factional and short sighted behaviour which is more like spitting in the face of the people.

"That which is morally correct, which we fought so hard for as the liberation movement, justice, transparency and procedural fairness is defended by the opposition as it happened in the BCMM council meeting [on Wednesday]," Nqatha said.

"Our councillors (ANC) voted for the dismissal of Fani even though he was not afforded fair disciplinary process to hear side. He was found guilty in an administrative disciplinary process using the decision of the court process which he was not part of. 

"This is exactly what happened with the Nkandla saga, we are all marching radically towards a cliff only to be told later that we were all wrong and the opposition was correct. When the latter happens in Buffalo City, a lot of taxpayer’s money would have been unjustifiably spent on an unnecessary legal battle. It is in this context that we call on the people to be active participants on their democratic state and reject unjustifiable use of exorbitant amounts of their money on what could have been avoided. 

"We wish to reiterate our principled position that the struggle continues and to be persecuted for the truth and for being on the side of the poor and the marginalised will always be a badge of honour that all patriots should be willing to wear." 

Nqatha said the SACP in the Eastern Cape "remain undeterred in our resolve that justice will prevail".