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SACP In The Eastern Cape Rejects Buffalo City Municipality Reshuffling

SACP In The Eastern Cape Rejects Buffalo City Municipality Reshuffling

The South African Communist Party(SACP) in the Eastern Cape on Friday rejected a recent reshuffling of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality's (BCMM) Mayoral Committee.

“This reshuffling in our view has nothing to do with the interests of the African National Congress (ANC) and those of the people of Buffalo City,” said Siyabonga Mdodi, SACP Provincial Spokesperson, in a statement.

He said the reshuffle reflected how so-called tenderprenuers had hijacked the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality.

“The reshuffling of the BCMM Mayoral Committee represent a typical capturing of the municipality by greedy tenderpreneurs presenting their selfish interests of crass materialism and conspicuous consumption of public resources as those of the people and the organization,” Mdodi said.

“It only serves as destabilization effect to a municipality that has now been stabilizing for a considerable period, following a long excruciating period of instability and disservice to the people.”

The SACP in Eastern Cape is now calling for residents and other stakeholders not to recognize the reshuffle.

“We call upon the people of Buffalo City to see this reshuffle for what it is and not be fooled by the greedy people hiding behind the good name of our ANC. We are calling upon the people to unite and reject this reshuffle,” Mdodi said.

“We commit ourselves to work with our structures in Skenjana Roji (BCM) and the people at large to expose this utter greed that knows no organizational processes and laws in pursuit of tenders.

“We have been here for decades leading the struggles of the people with and for the people. We know that all anti-communist elements are incapable of genuinely working with the alliance organs as that represent a stumbling block to their personal agenda. We know that history is on our side, they will be exposed and swept aside by the revolutionary process.”