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SACP sees red over Malema’s “drunk Nzimande” comments

SACP sees red over Malema’s “drunk Nzimande” comments

A war of words has broken out between the South African Communist Party (SACP) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) after the latter’s party leader, Julius Malema, labelled SACP Secretary General and Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande, an alcoholic “who shouldn’t be a role model for young people”.

Addressing supporters during the party’s second anniversary celebrations at the Olympia Stadium in Rustenburg on Saturday, Malema stated they remain unshaken by Nzimande, who two weeks ago called for the Young Communist League (YCL) to kill the EFF off.

“We are not scared of them. Blade threatens to kill the EFF through a non-existent organisation called the YCL. Maybe he believes that ghosts will terrorise EFF members at night because there is no organisation called the YCL or the ANC Youth League,” Malema said to massive cheers.

“When Blade is still busy drinking red wine, we are distributing red t-shirts. We are not drunk like the forever drunk Minister of Higher Education. He must not be a role model to anyone. If you drink to follow in the footsteps of Blade Nzimande, please replace red wine with a red t-shirt”.

Speaking in a statement, SACP Spokesperson, Alex Mashilo, said Malema’s comments, which also included insults at President Jacob Zuma and calling Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa a thief, should be taken with contempt, and that the organisation would continue reminding him of his pending corruption trail.

“It is important to remember the forgotten Public Protector’s report which found that Malema, through his Ratanang Family Trust and shareholding in Guilder Investments was clearly implicated in and benefitted improperly from unlawful, fraudulent and corrupt conduct,” Mashilo said.

“The insults by Malema and his ilk directed at our General Secretary are motivated by the fact that the SACP was the first political party to expose Malema’s demagogy and corrupt tenderpreneural activities. He knows that we will continue to do so”.

In a rebuttal, EFF National Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, who previously referred to Nzimande as an “intellectual dwarf” that relies more on his deputy Jeremy Cronin, said the SACP cannot expect to hurl insults without being willing to receive any criticism back.

“Only a drunk pseudo-communist could decide to incite hooliganism and violence against other socialist parties while leaving all liberals and bourgeois nationalists to flourish,” Ndlozi said.

“The SACP started the provocation by calling for the killing of the EFF and thought the EFF will not respond. We have responded and we shall never stop until Nzimande retracts his irresponsible and politically intolerant call for the killing of the EFF”.

He also stated that the SACP’s reference to Malema’s corruption findings was only because they had nothing to accuse the party off, and that they continue to “remain at the forefront of attacking the Office of the Public Protector in defence of Zuma”.

“Nzimande and all who are under the rule of his intellectual dwarfism do this to protect a meal on their tables because they are all garden workers in Zuma’s plantation,” Ndlozi said.

“The SACP must simply accept that it can never compete with nor threaten the EFF. It is a mere bunch of factionalists whose only historic legacy is guarding white supremacist interests in the liberation movement. They have suffered a long poverty of ideas demonstrated by the very hooligan call by Nzimande for the EFF to be killed”.