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SACP wants action against ANC councillor after husband implicated in cash-for-jobs killing

Aug 25, 2017
SACP wants action against ANC councillor after husband implicated in cash-for-jobs killing

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Buffalo City Region says it learnt with great sense of concern of the alleged cash for jobs killings in the Buffalo City Metro as reported in a local paper on Thursday.

"It is reported that the African National Congress (ANC) Ward Councillor in Ward 13, Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality allegedly facilitated a job for a woman, which pays R3 700 a month and made her to pay a bribe of R2 000 to the councillor monthly," said Ludwe Mnweba, SACP Buffalo City Region Spokesperson.

"The councillor’s husband allegedly shot the two women when they defaulted in paying the monthly bribe." 

Mnweba conveyed the SACP's condolences to the family and loved ones of the woman, who died immediately after the shooting incident that happened near the Buffalo Pass Road on Tuesday night.

"We salute the woman, who crawled to the road to seek help after she was shot. Her courage is a true reflection of the strength and resilience of the women during the most difficult of times," he said.

The woman, who was taken to hospital, has since died, but not before she gave police valuable information that led to the arrest of a suspect.

"The SACP condemns this hilarious act of greed and criminality with the strongest contempt it deserves. The SACP is on record having raised that the ANC candidate list process of 2016 in Buffalo City was handled in a factional manner, which imposed thugs and thieves on communities at the expense of genuine leaders of the ANC," Mnweba said.

"The people are subjected to being led by corrupt people and criminals who are now acting atrociously upon them. This is what politics of rent-seeking, factionalism, tender cannibalism and gate-keeping are subjecting the people to.

"It is incumbent upon the ANC to act NOW against the councillor regardless of which faction she might belong to.

"We are calling upon both the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality and the Department of Public Works to act with speed in investigating these serious allegations."

Mnweba said that, iIn the same vain, the SACP is calling upon all those, who might be subjected to these acts of cash for jobs to come forward and report these acts and expose the perpetrators.

"The SACP in the district led an anti-corruption protest march on the 23 March 2017 in ward 13. We will interact with our structures to assist the people in this regard," he added.  

The Councillor's husband was due in court on Thursday charged with double murder.