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SACP warns ANC against taking Buffalo City Metro win for granted

AUGUST 5, 2016
SACP warns ANC against taking Buffalo City Metro win for granted

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Buffalo City Region on Friday congratulated its alliance partner, the African National Congress (ANC), on winning the Metro by an "overwhelming majority" in Wednesday's Local Government Elections.

"This victory shows that the people of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality have confidence in the ANC led movement. The ANC and its Alliance partners are charged with the responsibility of translating this overwhelming victory to deliver better services for the people of Buffalo City," said Ludwe Mnweba, SACP Buffalo City District Spokesperson.

"The best way to celebrate this victory is to be true to our people, and put the interest of the people first."

Mnweba said that the focus is now to put more emphasis on the following interventions amongst other things:

  • The implementation of quality and affordable Integrated Public Transport System for the workers and the poor.
  •  Empowerment of Co-operatives and the development of the local economy.
  • Prioritisation of Youth Development.
  • Decisive action in all incidents of corruption.
  • Building of sustainable and integrated communities by breaking the backbone of the bourgeoisie dominance. 
  • Creation of sustainable jobs must be prioritised. 
  • An end to outsourcing and privatisation of basic services within the municipality.

"These outcomes should embody efforts to unify the ANC, the alliance and the people at large, it should not be used to embody negative tendencies like anti-communist and anti-working class sentiments.

"It is on basis of this victory as against what we are witnessing in other parts of the country that ANC must be awakened into not taking this stamp of approval for granted but as a basis for renewal and working for unity and desist preoccupation with petty squabbles, purging and settling of narrow political scores," he said.

"Our communities towards these elections have confirmed once more that where the alliance partners and communities are united, service delivery turn to be prioritised and therefore working for principled unity is that important.

"As the SACP out of commitment into advancing NDR, we will continue to raise sharply issues and interest affecting residents of Buffalo City Metro; we do so not driven by any other motive than seeing development within BCMM."