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SAFREA Eastern Cape on trends and challenges facing freelancers

By Lauren Jonas - May 30, 2019
SAFREA Eastern Cape on trends and challenges facing freelancers

Port Elizabeth - Earlier this week, SAFREA Eastern Cape (South African Freelancers’ Association) hosted its second event for 2019, at the Courtyard Hotel, Port Elizabeth.

Freelancers across the city gathered to address the challenges within the freelance landscape as well as engage and network with other like-minded media professionals.

“With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on our doorstep, the time is right for growth in freelancing, as freelancers will be the future workforce. Not only are geographical boundaries disappearing, but aspirations are also changing. As such, people are not only looking for a better work-life-balance, but rather a more harmonious world-life-integration," shares Lize Hayward, Chairperson of the SAFREA Eastern Cape/Free State Region.

"The underlying basis of the 4IR is the advances in communication and connectivity – this creates opportunities for us as freelancers.” 

Though there is much debate around freelancing as a preferred career choice, freelance communities in Europe and USA are growing at exponential rates.

Guest speaker Curwyn Mapaling shared valuable insights from the recent SAFREA Rates Survey, additionally he made mention of some so called ‘ugly truths’ of life as a freelancer in southern Africa.

Mapaling is an Academic Advisor at the School of Engineering at Nelson Mandela University, and was involved in the national SAFREA Rate Survey design, construction and data analytics.

SAFREA Eastern Cape unpacks the real truth about freelancing

The study revealed that low rates and late payments from clients are to be expected when entering the freelance arena. In addition, females make up the majority of the freelance community and these figures are increasing significantly.

With that said, as a freelancer myself, there are also many advantages to freelancing, for starters the freedom to work where and when, crafting of personal targets as well as the flexibility to choose which projects to partner with.

At the same time, frankly speaking the freelance world can be lonely and daunting at first, as many freelancers work either remotely or from home, its essential for professionals to stay connected with other like-minded folk. Joining a freelance community can be beneficial and provides a great platform to exchange helpful information.

SAFREA is a professional association of freelance workers in the media and communications industry. Members range from writers to photographers, designers, editors, social media managers and translators to mention a few.

In a nutshell, SAFREA promotes the interests of freelance media specialist, both part-time and full-time professionals, as well as make working as a freelancer much more rewarding.

With the advancement of technology, people can work literally anywhere and at any time they see fit, versus the traditional employment mode, it’s no wonder companies are heeding the call and increasingly outsourcing work to freelancers to reduce costs as well as responsibility.

The freelance journey is no straight line, yet the thrill of the unknown coupled with power of collaboration sets the scene for a beautiful adventure!

If you are ready to take the next step in your freelance journey, read here www.safrea.co.za

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