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SAICA ED Launches in Port Elizabeth

Apr 26, 2018
SAICA ED Launches in Port Elizabeth

SAICA Enterprise Development (Pty) Ltd houses all of SAICA’s Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes and activities. SAICA Enterprise Development offers flagship and customised Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes (previously housed under The Hope Factory) and Accounting Support Initiatives. The vision of this organization is to play an active role in economic transformation through advancing the sustainable growth of entrepreneurial Black businesses.

Through partnership with SAICA’s Small Medium Accounting Practices (SMPs), SAICA Enterprise Development aims to achieve financial excellence in both SMMEs and incubators nationwide. SAICA Enterprise Development also aims to influence corporate and government policies to support and facilitate the creation of impactful Enterprise and Supplier development programmes aligned with the generic B-BBEE Codes, the soon to be new Chartered Accountancy Profession Sector Code (CA Charter) as well as a number of other key sector codes such as ICT and Construction.

SAICA Enterprise Development is 100% owned by The Hope Factory (NPC) and all profits generated will be ploughed back into The Hope Factory that will continue expanding Socio Economic Development initiatives aimed at assisting individual entrepreneurs to start and formalize their businesses. Through starting and growing small businesses, new and direly needed employment opportunities are created.

Says Senior Executive, Jill Johnson, “We wanted to share the excitement of our official launch in Johannesburg in early March with our stakeholders here, in Port Elizabeth. SAICA Enterprise Development will focus on taking SMME development to new heights, with a key area being our Financial Excellence Offering. Financial coaching, clinics and financial boot camps will go a long way in creating more financially savvy entrepreneurs.”

Guest speaker Simone Mao-Cheia, PE District Association Committee Secretary of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) –says, “SAICA Enterprise Development is within the mandate and strategic intent of SAICA, the parent company, when it comes to SMME development, especially around transformation.”

CEO of SAICA Enterprise Development, Annie McWalter called for greater collaboration and particularly participation of SAICA’s SMPs to participate in creating Financial Excellence in Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes such as those offered by SAICA Enterprise Development. In doing so, these SMPs would also have the opportunity to attract new staff and create a pipeline of new clients.

During his speech about the importance of collaboration within the SMME space, guest speaker Jonty Bouw, Standard Bank Small Enterprise Manager says, “If we are going to make a real difference in entrepreneurial development it is vital to have the collaboration of all the strategic role players, such as your commercial banks together with yourselves. We are proud to be in partnership with SAICA Enterprise Development going forward into the future.”

SAICA Enterprise Development aims to partner with Corporate South Africa, Public sector and the SMME sector to authentically make change happen and advance economic development; making South Africa better for everyone.

Says Lwando Bantom, Project Director SAICA in the Eastern Cape, “I am very happy to see that SAICA and the accounting profession is reaching out to the communities by supporting SMME’S through role players such as SAICA Enterprise Development.”