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Sailors rescued after chokka boat takes on water near Cape St Francis

Sep 4, 2018
Sailors rescued after chokka boat takes on water near Cape St Francis

Sailors from a chokka fishing boat had a lucky escape on Monday when their boat began taking on water off Cape St Francis.

According to Neil Jones, National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) St Francis Bay duty coxswain, at 12h53, on Monday, the NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated following reports of the Chokka fishing boat Jolly Fisher, with 14 crew onboard, taking water off-shore of Shark Point, Cape St Francis.

"The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched to join the casualty boat's sister vessel Jolene that was already on the scene and assisting," he said.

"Five crew of the casualty boat had been taken safely ashore by a tender boat, we believe some crew had been transferred onto Jolene, a skeleton crew remained on the casualty boat that was listing from water intake from a suspected blown seal and suffering motor failure from engine room flooding."

Jones said that the NSRI transferred a water pump onto the casualty boat and water was pumped out of the vessel and the ingress of water was stemmed.

"The Joleneset up a towline and, escorted by our sea rescue craft, Jolenetowed the casualty boat into the Port of St Francis without incident and repairs will be undertaken," he added.

"No one was injured and once safely in Port no further assistance was required.

"Sea conditions were calm."