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SALB apologise for delays in delivery of books

Sep 29, 2018
SALB apologise for delays in delivery of books

A combination of teething problems with a new management system and reported delays by the post office have resulted in some members of the South African Library for the Blind (SALB) being left without regular renewals of their reading material.

“We apologise for the delays. Our staff is putting in long hours using a manual system in order to minimise holdups on our side. Unfortunately, once the South African Post Office collects the books at the Library we have no control over deliveries” says SALB director Francois Hendrikz.

Books and equipment are circulated through the South African Postal Service postage-free of charge to all members.

He says there have been problems with the implementation of the module used to select books on behalf of members in particular.

“However, thanks to our circulation team devising and implementing a manual system as soon as the module failure was detected, we are still able to dispatch books albeit at a slower pace than normal”.

The Library is addressing all complaints from members about delays in the postal service, and is therefore acutely aware of the frustration of members about receiving books very slowly or not at all in some cases.

“We understand the frustration of our members and request members to contact the Library at (046) 622 7226 in order to assist and to follow up with the Post Office where possible.” He says.

Members can still download certain audio book files through the SALB’s “Overdrive” service accessed through the www.salb.org.za website.

“Fortunately none of the other services provided by the library have been affected by the problems with the selection module,” he says.

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