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SALB celebrates National Library Week at Bartimea School for the Deaf & Blind

MARCH 27, 2017
SALB celebrates National Library Week at Bartimea School for the Deaf & Blind

With the objective of opening the world of literature to the blind and visually impaired, the South African Library for the Blind (SALB) celebrated this year’s National Library Week with an interactive showcase of the services that they provide for the visually impaired with the students of Bartimea School for the deaf and blind in Thaba Nchu.

SALB Director, Francois Hendrikz said, “The South African Library for the Blind is delighted to have been able to celebrate National Library Week at the Bartimea School for the Deaf & Blind.

"Reading is an activity shared and enjoyed by sighted and blind people alike. We tend to disregard people with disabilities and specifically blind and visually impaired people during national celebratory days and events."

The event was held at Bartimea School for the Deaf and Blind on Thursday to highlight the work, role and function of libraries and encourage the youth to make reading fun and an integral part of their lives.

SALB representatives, Vuyokazi Mandongana and Patricia Magabie, engaged learners with spelling games, fun and a reading competition whilst presenting all the wonderful free services available from the library.

Children participated in the activities of the morning to encourage them to read as a lifestyle.

“Reading is a wonderful way of discovering, experiencing and understanding the world around us,” said Vuyokazi.

Winner of prizes were Grade 11 student, Thandani Mosebetsi, and Grade 12 students, Thabiso Mokose, Nyakallo Thaelle, Poloko Zola and Ponelopelo Malutsi.

Membership for the South African Library for the Blind is free and the organisation offers comprehensive library and information services to all blind and visually impaired people across South Africa.

Resources are accessible via their website with free home delivery of equipment and library resources to those that have registered with the organisation.

Members of the library have access to a world of resources from Braille and audio books, magazines and newspapers on disc or in Braille; to the downloading of books from their online catalogue, with over 11 South African languages available.

SALB is committed to making it possible for readers with visual impairment or blindness to read independently in a format most comfortable to them.

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