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SANRAL celebrates 20th Anniversary with launch of Road to Success book

Jul 20, 2018
SANRAL celebrates 20th Anniversary with launch of Road to Success book

The South African National Roads Agency Soc Limited (SANRAL) celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Thursday, by launching a book that acknowledges its dedication to education and research.

SANRAL is a South African state-owned company, responsible for the management, maintenance and development of South Africa’s national road network.

Founded in 1998, under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, SANRAL’s primary purpose is not only to maintain the national road network, but to also serve all communities and provides access to opportunities and development.

SANRAL regional manager, Mbulelo Peterson, said “We are not only dedicated to building South Africa through better roads, we are also dedicated to the education of the youth in this area”.

“We provide bursaries, scholarships, apprenticeships and free training for our technicians and engineers” he added.

SANRAL content manager, Dorris Simpson, said “The idea of the book started last year. We decided to make it so that we could capture and document the good work that SANRAL has done. The book is a celebration of skills development, education and research”.

SANRAL’s CEO, Skhumbuzo Macozoma, commented at the book launch, “In the last 20 years, we have achieved technical excellence. We also contributed to environmental management and skills development”.

“We have been able to deliver the required infrastructure as engineers,which stimulates the growth of the economy in South Africa. We divorce politics from administration and  that is how we keep the discipline going”.

“In the last twenty years, we built the Platinum Highway, the Maputo corridor the N3 and M6 corridor, because we want to safeguard the economy of the country”.

“We want to be relevant to our people, so we built - access roads, community halls, clinics and schools for communities”.

“Our partnership with Universities and High Schools, offer bursaries and scholarship programmes that have so far helped to get 2000 children through matric. Our academy trains engineers not only for SANRAL, but also for other roadwork companies”.

“The bottom line is that construction industry of the future must not resemble the construction industry of the past. We need more black professionals in construction and black business must grow” said Macozoma.

For more information on SANRAL Bursaries and Scholarships, visit the SANRAL website www.nra.co.za