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SAPS will act decisively against corruption within its ranks

JULY 16, 2016
SAPS will act decisively against corruption within its ranks

The South African Police Service within the Nelson Mandela Bay have said that they will continue to act within the parameters of the law and has warned SAPS members that they will have to face the consequences should they be involved in any corrupt or criminal activities.

“Although police officers are expected to abide by the SAPS Code of Conduct and act at all times within the parameters of the law, there are still some who are found to be acting on the wrong side of the law,” the SAPS said in a statement.

“SAPS management emphatically warns all our employees that should they engage in corrupt or criminal activities, they will experience the dire consequences thereof including being arrested and prosecuted.  In addition they will face dismissal from the SAPS which will see them forfeiting their benefits.  The SAPS will also not hesitate to take action against any other role player in the judiciary system who engages in corrupt or criminal activity,” the statement continued.

“On Wednesday evening, 13 July 2016, it is alleged that a 48 year old prison warder from St Albans Correctional Services received drugs and cash from a person to smuggle to an inmate in prison. The transaction took place at the warder’s house in Bethelsdorp. The following morning, 14 July 2016 at about 08:00, the warder was arrested at his house, and has been detained on a charge of drug trafficking.”

In another incident,  a police warrant officer was arrested on the 14th of July at the new law courts in Port Elizabeth, and has been charged for drug trafficking and corruption.

According to the statement, it is alleged that the officer accepted drugs and cash from a person to give to an awaiting trial suspect in the holding cells at the court. After completing the transaction, the arresting officer found the suspect in possession of the drugs and money.

Both suspects appeared in court yesterday, the 15th of July

The SAPS will continue to root out any fraud and corruption by its members, and the community is urged to report such acts.

If you know anything about a member of the SAPS acting unlawfully, you can call the National Anti-Corruption Hotline on 0800 701 701 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.