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Sarah Baartman District Municipality Ends Spell, Gets A Clean Audit

Sarah Baartman District Municipality Ends Spell, Gets A Clean Audit

After achieveing an unprecedented seven consecutive unqualified audit reports from 2006/2007 to 2012/2013, the erstwhile Cacadu District Municipality, now known as Sarah Baartman District Municipality since its formal name change on 1 September 2014, has achieved a Clean Audit - one of only two in the Eastern Cape in the past financial year. No Eastern Cape municipality has achieved a Clean Audit over the past number of years.

Missed by a margin

For the last financial year 2013/2014, the Municipality has achieved another unqualified result with no non-compliance issues and no material misstatements. This equates to what is known as a “clean audit”.

The Auditor-General’s report covers crucial areas including financial management, compliance, governance and performance against pre-determined objectives. The Auditor-General has given the Municipality a clean bill of health in all these areas.


In celebrating this prestigious audit outcome, elated Executive Mayor, Khunjuzwa Kekana, said “The reason for this achievement is that the Sarah Baartman District Municipality operates in a stable political and administrative environment with a high level of oversight. Its governance structures are all in place and operate effectively. There are effective internal controls and systems which result in reliable information.”

More good news

The District Municipality’s municipal entity, the Cacadu District Development Agency, led by Acting CEO Mlungisi Mvoko, also achieved an unqualified audit report in its first year of operation.

The District Municipality has also embarked on a project to improve the audit outcomes and financial management of the local municipalities in its area of jurisdiction. This is a multi-year programme which has been on-going for the past two years.

As a result of this programme, three of the local municipalities in the Sarah Baartman District have also achieved unqualified audit reports. These are Baviaans, Camdeboo and Kouga municipalities.

Sarah Baartman Municipal Manager Ted Pillay said, “We are very proud of this tremendous achievement by these municipalities. Our capacity building programme towards improving financial management in the local municipalities is continuing in the current financial year and we hope to achieve even better results.

“We will continue with this programme until we are satisfied that all local municipalities in the District have good financial controls in place and thus achieve good audit opinions”.

Mayor Kekana expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the skilled and capable management and staff whose hard work and dedication have resulted in the good administration which has made this audit achievement possible.

Within the Finance and Corporate Services Directorate, led by Danie De Lange, Acting Manager Finance, Riaaz Lorgat, and his team produced excellent financial statements in-house without the use or involvement of consultants.

Mayor Kekana said that one of the factors that contribute to the effective administration in the Municipality is that the services of some of the top management officials have been retained in the institution for many years, which means that there is a solid background of institutional knowledge. She further indicated that both Pillay and de Lange have been in these positions for the past thirteen years.

Pillay also stated that now that the Municipality has achieved this distinction, it must maintain it and become a model for clean administration in the Province and the Country.

Both the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) as the political parties serving in the institution, have congratulated the Municipality on achieving this distinction.

CAPTION:  Municipal Manager Ted Pillay (front left) and Acting Manager of Finance, Riaaz Lorgat (front right) together with employees of the Sarah Baartman District Municipality, celebrating the news from the Auditor-General