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Sarah Baartman memorial defaced

Apr 27, 2015
Sarah Baartman memorial defaced

Eastern Cape police on Sunday said the Sarah Baartman memorial at Hankey has been defaced with white paint.

According to the police, a resident informed the police after seeing a group of unidentified men throwing paint on the memorial. No case has been opened and no arrest has been made yet.

Baartman was born in 1789 in Gamtoos River Valley in the former Cape Colony. She worked as a slave in Cape Town before she was discovered by a military surgeon who convinced her to travel to London with him.

Baartman was exhibited as a freak show attraction in Europe under the name Hottentot Venus where she showcased her large buttocks and genitals.

She later became the object of scientific and medical research and after her death her body was dissected and displayed in Paris for visitors to view her brain, skeleton and genitalia.

Her remains were finally returned to South Africa in 2002 with her final resting place being in Hankey.