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Sardine Run hits Algoa Bay

Sardine Run hits Algoa Bay

Each year in Autumn the sardine run comes to Algoa Bay.  This year is no different and if you have noticed the cooler weather then so too have the marine life off our coast.

There are thousands of tons of anchovies and sardines in Algoa Bay at the present. These are in turn being pursued by all the apex marine predators like Bryde's and Minke whales, common dolphins, penguins, sharks, game fish, cape gannets and another host of sea birds.

After moving up from the Agulhas Bank they will stay around Algoa Bay until the end of May before heading up towards the Transkei and ultimately Kwazulu-Natal.

Last week we saw a large number of bait balls (large schools of sardines) between the harbour and Bird Island and a school of 300 Long-beaked Common Dolphins feeding off the port of Coega.

These common dolphins are normally found further from shore, but the fact that they were so close is a sure indication that the sardines are right here in the Bay.

It is possible to see the bait balls from the beach and they can be identified by large flocks of gannets hurtling down towards the water during their feeding forays.

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