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SASCO allegedly attacks DASO at PE College

JUNE 3, 2016
SASCO allegedly attacks DASO at PE College

Students belonging to the South African Students Congress (SASCOand African National Congress (ANC) members on Thursday allegedly hurled stones at and attacked Democratic Alliance Students Organisation (DASOmembers at the launch of DASO’s “My Safe Campus” initiative at PE College, according to Yusuf Cassim, DASO Leader.

"The desperation of the ANC, which sees that the DA can win Nelson Mandela Bay, is now manifesting in violence and assault.

"Having received written permission from Campus Management to hold today’s event, DASO members found the front gates padlocked upon arrival and were refused entry. We were then confronted by aggressive SASCO and ANC members, who proceeded to assault us and throw stones at our vehicles," Yusuf said.

In a short clip posted by the DA in the Eastern Cape, on its Facebook page, students wearing SASCO t-shirts are seen shoving DASO students. The SASCO students allegedly later locked out the DASO delegation. 

He further said that DASO having won 75% of the iQhayiya campus seats at this year’s Student Representative Council (SRC) election, "it is clear that a desperate SASCO have now themselves resorted to acts of crime".

"Just like the DA can win Nelson Mandela Bay in this year’s Local Government Election, the ANC can see the writing is on the wall as we win on campuses across South Africa.

"SASCO has today placed the students of PE College at greater risk by engaging in these acts of criminal violence and by preventing DASO from launching 'My Safe Campus'. It is ironic that at the launch of a safety initiative, the ANC and SASCO chose violence instead," Yusuf said.

"DASO is not deterred by SASCO’s criminal acts and will forge ahead with the launch of this initiative."