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SASCO leading student protest at Nelson Mandela University

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 6, 2019
SASCO leading student protest at Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University (NMU) students on Wednesday afternoon blocked entrances to the university's South and North campuses in a protest over admissions, accommodation and registration among other issues.

“Students want to register. There can’t be financial exclusions whilst government declared free education," the South African African Students Congress (SASCO), which called for the protest wrote on their Facebook page.

One student carried a placard demanding: "We are not going anywhere. Something is going to happen within a minute."

SASCO is demanding that the Nelson Mandela University allows all unregistered students to be registered immediately for the 2019 academic year.

It indicated that recess is approaching and there are still unregistered students at Nelson Mandela University.

Meanwhile, the Nelson Mandela University asked staff and students to stay put while university management engages with the protesting students.

Why are NMU students protesting?

SASCO warned that they are not happy about how registration and admissions have been happening at the NMU.

“Comrades from today till the 15th, we will be pushing all matters related to admissions and registration. SASCO has convened a mass meeting of all students to get the remaining issues and get a direction from there.

“We will attend to issues of Intelli and other university matters after. We can’t leave others outside and focus on those that are inside. Let’s all support those that cannot register,” SASCO wrote.

Nelson Mandela University spokesperson, Zandile Mbabela, said that they are working a formal statement which will be issued shortly about the current situation on campus.

She did indicate that management is trying to meet with students so that their grievances can be formally tabled and the parties engage on a way forward.

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