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SASCO NMMU to lead anti-gender based violence march on Thursday

May 24, 2017
SASCO NMMU to lead anti-gender based violence march on Thursday

The South African Students Congress (SASCO) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) will on Thursday march to create awareness about gender-based violence in light of what has been happening in the country.

"The SASCO Claude Qavane Branch has always condemned gender violence against women and it is disgusting and nonsensical that men feel entitled to express emotions through violence against so many women in which shows the power that men as a group have over women as a group," said Sonwabiso Mdani, SASCO NMMU Secretary . 

"This phenomenon of group dominance is not natural but is the result of socialization and conditioning. It is learned, and can be unlearned."

Mdani said that generally, boys are informally and formally taught to be tough, arrogant and not to express their emotions and this further endorses the male superiority.

"The continuous killing of women in South Africa is disgusting and totally out of order. We urge primarily the government to intensify the fight against gender based violence by perpetrating all criminals and in particular rapists," he said.

"Patriarchy is a system of male domination and control at all levels of society based on these socially constructed notions of gender, gender roles and gender relations and the higher education was constructed on a patriarchal notion of the role of women and men, but it would ignorant to note that, other factors such as religion and culture continues to have immense impact on woman’s rights and particularly their dignity as human beings, as blacks and as member of working class."

Mdani added that throughout the universities in South Africa the gender policy has always failed women, it is totally unacceptable that the sexual harassment cases are reported but no attention or importance is given and everyday female students are frustrated since they heavily do not feel safe in the presence of male students and the institution useless security structure.

"The SASCO Claude Qavane Branch has initiated a collection of 5000 signatures in solidarity with the gender based violence in South Africa and in our campuses in which will be submitted to the NMMU management, the Department of Justice and Correctional Service, the South African Police Service and the Department of Social Development to create a campus where the learning environment is safe for all students, especially to woman, and proper arrangements are made for disabled students and the institution must develop programmes or campaigns to increase gender awareness," he said.

"The NMMU community, both students and staff, are urged to put up their signatures in the banner that will be circulating on campus from Monday, 22 May 2017 leading up to the march on Thursday, 25 May 2017  together with the online petition www.ipetitions.com/petition/nmmu-antigender-based-violence."