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SASKO Recipe: Coconut, White Chocolate and Cranberry Granola

Mar 7, 2017
SASKO Recipe: Coconut, White Chocolate and Cranberry Granola

In the mood for something sweet but don't want to use your diet cheat day? SASKO provides a recipe for coconut, white chocolate and cranberry granola that can satisfy your sweet tooth while still remaining a healthy food choice.


Preparation time: 20min

Assembly time: 15min

Yield: 8 portions, 1kg granola



500g SASKO Cookie Bake Mix

140g butter

1 large egg

50g honey

150g oats

100g white chocolate chopped

½ tsp ground cinnamon

120g coconut flakes

150g cranberries

60g desiccated coconut

85g pumpkin seeds

50g ground almonds

50g sunflower seeds



Prepare cookie mix as per the recipe on the packet

Melt the honey and mix into cookie mixture

Add all the dry ingredients and work the mixture to create a crumby texture

Line a baking tray with baking paper. Pour the mixture onto the tray and spread evenly

Bake at 150 degrees for 15-20min or until cookie crumb is golden

Allow to cook and break into crumb