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Sasol able to sell power to Eskom

MARCH 10, 2015
Sasol able to sell power to Eskom

Sasol has reportedly said that it is in a position to sell excess power to Eskom – at least adding 400 megawatts that it generates from steam boilers and gas turbines to the grid.

Over the past few months, Eskom has been struggling to meet rising demand for power in the economy resulting in the utility resorting to load shedding.

According to SAPA, Sasol Chief Executive David Constable says there are options to work with Eskom on power purchase agreements.

Eskom is also considering selling off some of its assets to raise capital in its efforts to boost power generation.

Meanwhile, Eskom Tweeted that; "There is a medium probability of load shedding during the day, with a very high probability of load shedding for this evening [Tuesday]."

It said that any unexpected changes on the already constrained power system could lead to load shedding at short notice.

Last Monday, Eskom said unit six at its newly-built Medupi power station in Limpopo produced power for the first time.

"The electricity flowing into the grid marks a new beginning," Eskom chief executive Matona said at the time.

"Within the next three months, South Africa will see Medupi unit six's full potential of 794MW being fed into the South African national grid."