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SASSA warns of new card scam

Nov 16, 2016
SASSA warns of new card scam

The festive season is upon us again and people with sinister intentions are already targeting SASSA beneficiaries with the intention of cheating them through all sorts of scams, the South Africa Social Security Agency, warned on Tuesday.

"Social grant beneficiaries have been inundated with text messages urging them to obtain new cards which are green in colour before January 2017," said Kgomoco Diseko, SASSA National Spokesperson.

"Never has SASSA never communicates with its beneficiaries through SMS and beneficiaries are warned not to respond to any SMS that these imposters are sending to them SASSA advises all its beneficiaries not to fall for this scam because there are no new SASSA cards and it is not true that beneficiaries should get these cards before 01 January 2017."

Diseko said beneficiaries should be on the lookout for people requesting their personal and card details pretending to be from SASSA.

"SASSA conducts its business from its own offices and beneficiaries should not accept invitations to any other office. The second thing that beneficiaries should be aware of is that the SASSA card is not green in colour. The only valid SASSA card has the colours of the South African flag and it will never be replaced by a card that is green in colour,

"The danger of responding to these scams is that beneficiaries could be stripped of their cash or unusual deductions which they never authorised would come off their grants in the near future," Diseko described.

"Beneficiaries should make sure that they do not give their personal details or card details to strangers because it can also create identity theft. Once a criminal syndicate has your personal details, they can commit fraud using your name.

"Beneficiaries should simply ignore these SMS message and if unsure, they should call SASSA on 0800 60 10 11 for enquiries."