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Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick: I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 2

May 6, 2016
Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick:  I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 2

...I was having panic attacks and was anxious about everything, and one thing after the other was continuing to go wrong. And I was and felt helpless.

Let me add, this is not necessarily bad but rather shows that we are ready for the Helper to step in and take control. When we are full of our own help, there is no place for the Helper, who is the Holy Spirit. An integral part of all of this was that I had left Port Elizabeth where my father was sick and dying, and I had many concerns about his situation.

When I arrived in Rustenburg my car broke down and was in the workshop. However it was there for three months because of discrepancies between the mechanic and the warranty group and it all just turned into a nightmare. So I felt stranded in Rustenburg and was stranded in Rustenburg. I had no control over what was happening with my father and no control over what was happening with my car.

And I could see no light at the end of the tunnel and did not know how or when I would be able to finally get back to Port Elizabeth. However I was relentless in spending time with God and relentless in praying and pressing Him for answers and results. I was determined that I would hear His voice every day. But I had to also come to the end of myself and I had to be incapacitated. Why?

So that I could also see the Lord, and Him only. When we are full of our worries and woes, that is all we see. But when we are incapacitated, we cannot move and can only look up.

One day while praying I had a vision, and it wasn’t very nice but it was very clear. It was simply this: I saw myself lying on the ground on my back, with my arms and legs chopped off. Would you volunteer for this? No-one in their right mind would, yet there I was, incapacitated and completely immobile.

And the Lord said, ‘This is a journey of incapacitation, this is what has been and is going on’. You may not have realised yet, but when we have no arms and legs we cannot move, in fact there is absolutely nothing we can do for ourselves.

But, we can trust God. That is the only thing we will be able to do, and that is the very place that God wants us to be. Trusting only and completely in Him. Because only then will He have our attention and only then will we look up and see only Him.
In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord....

We have to go through the deep waters, the crushing and the tests because only then will we find out just how much we are or are not trusting God, against all odds.

To be incapacitated means that there is nothing I can do or will do to try and help my situation. All I will do, is to commit myself to blind trust in Him. After everything had started to go wrong, from the start, God said, ‘We will cross over’.

The choice that I had was to believe Him or not, and I was battling. Day after day my panic and anxieties seemed to be getting the better of me. It was a true storm and the wind and the waves were wild.

The test was to sit back in the storm and relax and let Him take over. Very often easier said than done. What God did in those particular three months, was to help me really see Him and Him only. When that happened, there was change and breakthrough and relief.

Is that not worth a storm? Is everything that God has got to offer, everything about who He is, is it not worth being incapacitated for? When the disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee in the boat with Jesus, they headed into an almighty storm.

They were afraid and they panicked, and they thought that they were going to die. But Jesus was in the boat with them sleeping, so they woke Him up and He rebuked the storm, the wind and the waves and instantly there was calm. A miracle happened right there and then.

But Jesus rebuked the disciples by telling them that they had no faith. Why would He do that?
Because before they had even set off, before the storm had even started, Jesus had already said to them, ‘Let us cross over to the other side’. So Jesus Himself had no doubt that whatever happened...

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