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Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick: I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 3

May 13, 2016
Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick:  I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 3

...along the way, would not keep them from making it to the other side. Unfortunately, the disciples didn’t believe Him, the first rocking of their boat and out popped all their fear and doubt.

When my storm started, God said to me, ‘We WILL cross over’. And I had taken no notice of Him. So I needed
to be incapacitated to finally make up my mind to trust Him alone.

While I could still move, then I would still be trusting in myself or others. I had to see God and God only. Very often the reason behind our tests and trials and troubles, is so that God can get our attention.

Do you just see your troubles and your losses, do you just see your hero that you’ve lost or who has died, or can you say,
In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord?

When we finally see also the Lord, we will trust Him like never before, because we will be able to. An unusual calm came over the waters when Jesus rebuked the storm. When we really see Him an unusual calm will come over us.

And when one is having panic attacks and experiencing fear, one needs an unusual calm to overtake you. In the heights of my panic attacks, I couldn’t even sleep in my own house alone. The night before I left Port Elizabeth for Rustenburg, I dropped my friend at the airport who was flying home to Johannesburg, and I had to come home to an empty house.

But even though only for a night before I left, I was scared beyond measure. Panic was washing over me likes waves breaking on the seashore. At ten ‘o clock that night, I couldn’t take it anymore and contacted friends to say, ‘I’m coming over to sleep, please?’ Until we truly see the Lord, and just exactly who He is to us, until our focus is only truly on Him, then He cannot be our anchor, He cannot be our stabiliser.

As long as we are still trying to help ourselves or be a someone to ourselves, then we do not truly see the Lord. But we see ourselves as our own helpers, and our own redeemers, and our own deliverers because we trust in someone we know or in something we have.

Like our own resources, or our own contacts or connections, or our own abilities to plan and organise and arrange or even our own financial means. We are trusting God that we will go to new or greater heights, but He does not take ‘someones’ with Him.

He takes ‘no-ones’, incapacitated people who see Him in all His glory and splendour. Incapacitated people who trust completely in Him alone, against all odds. ‘No-ones’ are people with no arms and legs, people who cannot and will not move but for His grace.

People who will not under any circumstances look to anyone or anything else for help. People whose reliance will be on Him alone, incapacitated people.

Not many people have a career choice of being a no-one, someone who is within themselves crippled, except for the life of Christ. Not many people are going to willingly put their hand up for that. We must be consumed by Him, but until we are incapacitated we never will be. There will be too much of ourselves vibrant and at large, ready to take control.

It is all about Him and it is all about His purposes. God said to me one day, ‘Be prepared to have nothing, but Me’. I don’t want God to resist me but I will have to come to the end of myself first, I will first have to be incapacitated so that He can shine forth in my life and not myself or anyone else.

‘...wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble’. (KJV)

See Part 4 next week Saturday.