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Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick: I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 5

MAY 27, 2016
Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick:  I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 5

...against Him and there is nothing that is any kind of opposition for Him. Make Him big, make Him who He truly is. Job was sitting on the ash heap feeling sorry for himself and bemoaning his estate.

God said to him paraphrase, ‘Be quiet, do you know who I am, can you do what I have done and can do, can you create what I have created, who are you?’

If we are going to see the Lord then making Him big is essential. It is not that we are making Him something that He is not, but it is making Him someone who He is. He is so big that He cares about the everyday small things of our lives.

He sees people and He sees situations and He cares. Sometimes we look at people and at situations and we don’t care, we don’t see God we only see our inconvenience and expense. And sometimes we look at ourselves and we wonder if God knows, if He understands and if He sees.

Things that mean everything to us also mean everything to God, and things that mean nothing to us, mean the world to Him. He is able to perform the biggest or the smallest of things. For you, for me and for others. We must see God in every way, in all the ways that He presents Himself to us.

When we look at others we must consider God and not just ourselves. When we look at ourselves we must consider God and what He did for us, who He gave us. Through the good and the bad, we must see the Lord, when He is big He will be easy to see. When we know how big He is, when we are convinced how big He is then we will believe.

About twelve years ago, I was driving round the mountain in my little old car on the way to work in Rustenburg. The day before I had just bought a brand new pair of Nike trainers, very expensive. In those days they were pricy at R1000. I had been eyeing them out in the sport shop, and had gone to buy them. I used to collect trainers so it was not that I needed them, but I definitely wanted them.

But I had to wait until I had the money to buy them as I didn’t just have R1000 spare hanging around in my back pocket. So there I was driving at the speed of light round the mountain to work, and on the opposite side of the road walking towards me I could see a man walking.

And I could also tell that he was a tramp, a homeless person. Before I even got to him, God said to me, ‘Stop and give him your new trainers’. I just said, ‘God that couldn’t have been you’ and carried on driving. Just as I drove directly past him, I saw that he was limping and that he only had one old broken shoe on his right foot.

His left foot had no shoe on at all but it did have a very old, worn, threadbare and dirty bandage wrapped around it. That was all. And I kept on driving, at top speed. But God always gets the better of me, so possibly 500m past him, I turned the car around and started to drive back towards him. And God said, ‘Give him your socks too’. So I made a deal with God and said to Him, ‘God if he is the same size shoe as me, I’ll do it’.

I really thought he would have bigger feet, being a man. It’s not that I have small feet I don’t, I am a size seven, but most men have bigger feet than that. I pulled the car up alongside him, wound the window down and didn’t even say hello. All I said was, ‘What size shoe are you?’

And of course we all know what he said. Exactly, he said he was a size seven. So there I was taking off my brand new Nikes and my socks and handing them over, but there I was also sharing the love of Jesus with him. He could not believe his eyes, he was very appreciative and had a smile on his face bigger than I had seen in a long time. I am just glad that I don’t have false teeth because I have no doubt that God would have told me to give him my teeth as well. And I went to work, barefoot.

That’s how big God is. He is big enough to give a tramp walking along the road with a sore foot and only one shoe, and no socks either, brand new Nike trainers and socks. Make Him big, because He is big.
In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord...

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