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Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick: I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 7

JUNE 10, 2016
Saturday sermon with Rev Diane Ledwick:  I saw also the Lord, that’s how Big God is - Part 7

...A few weeks ago I had an amazing vision. A gigantic lion was standing over a place in Port Elizabeth, where I have been trusting God for breakthrough.

I could see absolutely huge front legs and paws, and the underside of the chest. The building that it was standing over in comparison, looked like a pea. And God said, ‘See the Lion of Judah, see how big He is, He has stepped in, look to Him and trust in Him, He will roar for you for He takes up your cause’.

And a day later, I read this in the bible:
Job 37v4
‘After it a voice roareth, He thundereth with the voice of His excellency...’ (KJV)

When Jesus Christ roars for us, He is speaking on our behalf and He is chasing away every evil power and principality that stands against us. He is the Lion of Judah, He is strong and He is big.

The words of an old Sunday school song:
Our God is a great big God
And He holds us in His hands
The words of a more modern day Christian song:
We see the Lord and He is high upon the throne
And His glory fills the heavens and the earth

Choose to see the Lord, make the choice to give Him the most prominent place in your life. Trust in Him above all else and look only to Him.

When there is a catastrophe, look to Him. When disasters strike like rolling waves, look to Him. When all is going well and all is right with the world, look to Him.

When there is nothing you need, still look to Him. When you have lost all and your king Uzziah is dead, look to Him. When you look at others and contemplate their estate, look to Him. No matter what comes your way, good or bad look to Him and see the Lord.

In the year that king Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord.