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Scores evacuated in George due to flooding

Sep 2, 2015
Scores evacuated in George due to flooding

Several people, including children, were evacuated from low-lying areas in George on Tuesday due to flooding following the heavy rans experienced in the Southern Cape over the past few days, the municipality said.

"George Municipality can confirm that 29 people (twelve adults, ten children and seven babies) from the Syferfontein area were evacuated last night to the community hall in Pacaltsdorp.

"Disaster relief in the form of matrasses, blankets and food parcels was supplied by George Municipality," Chantel Edwards-Klose, Media Liaison Officer at the George Municipality, said in a statement..         

"The two trees that were blown down have been removed.

"No new incidents, evacuations or road closures has been  reported as of 11h30 on Wednesday."

The SA Weather Services on Wednesday said that they expected the rains to clear by end of the week.