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Secure your emails: Invest in Hosted Exchange

By Zoe Harrington - May 11, 2016
Secure your emails: Invest in Hosted Exchange

Today most companies use email to communicate - whether it is with clients, suppliers or banks. Technically, the content of these emails become legal documents and therefore, it is fast becoming imperative for companies to back them up. This is, unfortunately, something that many companies are failing to do.

The latest spate of Ransomware attacks, combined with the importance of backing up your emails, shows that a logical step to take is to outsource your email to a hosted solution – where everything, from server management to backups, are taken care of.

Hosted Exchange is a beneficial email hosting solution to invest in if you’re a company that needs to backup your emails and have a reliable email solution as a main means of communication. With Hosted Exchange, all of your emails are stored on the Exchange Server, so there is no need for backups. Your mail client retrieves a copy from the Exchange Server and sends you a copy of it.

Hosted Exchange is a popular email solution as more and more companies and business owners steer away from the older POP mail solution. The many benefits of having your email hosted on a server rather than having them only downloaded onto your computer include:

•  You are able to get full access to all of your emails via web access. Unlike with POP mail, you won’t need to first download your emails onto your computer in order to receive them.

•  A great feature of Hosted Exchange is that your emails can be accessed from multiple devices, such as your tablet and your mobile phone.

•  All of your emails are hosted securely on the Exchange Server and they are automatically backed up.

It’s not only the email hosting solution that is drawing more and more companies’ attention; Hosted Exchange also has other beneficially effective features such as calendars, tasks, contacts and more.

How can Online Innovations help you?

At Online Innovations, we offer various email solutions to suit the requirements of our clients – as well as a Hosted Exchange package deal. Our email hosting services offer spam protection, security and reliable recovery systems. With our technical expertise and years of experience, we are able to ensure our clients that their email will be delivered to them, regardless of their connectivity.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of having Hosted Exchange as an email solution for your company, or hosting your email with us, give Bronwen a call on 041 365 4919 to find out more information and visit www.onlineinnovations.com