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Seeking an adrenalin rush?

Seeking an adrenalin rush?

My philosophy is to always approach life head-on; hence I seldom need encouragement when faced with adrenalin-filled activities. I recently discovered how far I can go when I agreed to be launched off a high platform and zip-lined down for 500 meters at 60 km/h at Adrenalin Addo - while the surrounding majestic Addo scenery provided the backdrop!

Situated in the heart of the Sundays River Valley, just 50 minutes from Port Elizabeth and 20 minutes from the Addo Elephant National Park, Adrenalin Addo is just ideal for the thrill-seeker. They have the only double zip-line experience in Africa as well as an 18-metre high swing - a South African first, and just perfect for anyone needing an adrenalin overload.

Arriving at Adrenalin Addo, my group was greeted by the most spectacular views of the Addo countryside -  and the loud screams of fellow adrenalin junkies as they whizzed across the valley.

We met our guide, Lee, who soon had us prepped-up. After a quick introduction and safety briefing, we went up the mountain. I must say, looking down on the valley, at one point I almost gave up on the jump, but Lee managed to calm me down.

Finally arriving at the platform, I took a moment to take in the views of the valley and jumped off the edge!

I have had some truly great experiences before, but Adrenalin Addo outshined them all. No experience can match the feeling of ‘flying’ through the crisp Sundays River Valley air - the wind in your hair and the elements at your feet. It’s almost cinematic!

Landing safely to the valley floor, my once nervous smile had turned into one of sheer ecstasy and the feeling of wanting to do it all over again.

Apart from the swing and zip-line, Adrenalin Addo also offers canoeing for those not inclined to adrenalin rushes as well as a jungle gym and mini zip-line to keep the entire family entertained. A café, overlooking the river and offering light refreshments, is also available.

I left absolutely convinced that every thrill-seeker must have Adrenalin Addo on their bucket-list. I will be back there soon to try out their other offerings as well as for their launch of their Deck Café in October this year.

To find out more, call Adrenalin Addo on  078 911 1619 or visit www.adrenalinaddo.co.za. Bookings are essential.