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Seven arrested after looting vehicles at Kidds Beach Stop & Go of goods worth R100 000

Oct 8, 2015
Seven arrested after looting vehicles at Kidds Beach Stop & Go of goods worth R100 000

In the early hours of Wednesday, Kidds Beach SAPS made a huge breakthrough and arrested seven suspects after they looted vehicles at a Stop and Go on the R72 near Kidds Beach in East London.

According to Eastern Cape police, Constables Mbuye Lungile and Mcebisi Yose were patrolling on the R72 when they saw a truck that was open at the back driving to the direction of East London. 

"They stopped the driver as he was near a stop and Go next to Gqazeni Location 2 Extention.

"After investigation, we discovered that he was robbed by unknown suspects. The police followed clues and drove to the direction of Village 3 and found tyres that were stolen the truck hidden in the bushes, saw lights from cell phones and heard voices of suspects. They chased the suspects and fired warning shots in a bid to stop them," the police said.

"As the police loaded the tyres into the police van they heard footsteps of a walking suspect from the bush, followed and arrested one suspect with wet clothes on, and he led them to Magqazeni Location where they found a suspect asleep and in the shack found more stolen property.

"The goods included five litres Sources used by Steers, 12.5 Snow Flake Flour, chips and Minute Maid juce, he took them to another shack belonging to one of the suspects where they found a Laptop, Computer Proline hard Drive, a body builder supplement, a keyboard, omega Solar and chips."

The suspect also led police to another shack at Village 2, where they found three men sleeping, inside they more stolen goods.

"The stolen goods are valued at about R100 000, and is a huge breakthrough that has been made in a bid to curb the theft from vehicles at the Stop and Go on the R72.

"They arrested the suspects aged between 18 and 26 and took them into police custody at Kidds Beach police station. They are to appear in the East London Magistrates' Court on charges of robbery and theft," the police said.