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Several East London suspects expected in court for various crimes

Apr 11, 2016
Several East London suspects expected in court for various crimes

Two East London men are expected to appear in the city's Magistrate's Court soon after they were busted by local police with stolen goods.

"Police swiftly arrested two suspects, aged 22 and 29 years of age, after responding to a burglary in progress at Berea, East London on Thursday." said police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi.

"They were arrested on the street not far from where they had broken into by members of SAPS Cambridge, who are tasked to monitor a series of burglary cases in this area."

The suspects were found in possession of items like; DVD players; power tools; jewellery and clothing, they were also whilst still wearing the shoes of the complainant.

The Cambridge station commander, Brigadier Nomso Siganga is happy about this achievement and has  praised her members. 

“Burglary cases are a priority in my area, any arrest is a huge achievement to me as this will instil confidence in our communities we serve”, said Siganga.

Meanwhile, on Friday, joint crime prevention operations that were held in East London yielded significant successes.

Three people were arrested in possession of drugs and two people in possession of suspected stolen property. Six cellphones and a plasma television set were recovered.

Various other items, such as 34 knives and nine pangas were seized and two abandoned vehicles recovered.