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Sewage flowing into Swartkops a “dereliction of Municipality’s duty” - DA

By Charl Bosch - Mar 10, 2015
Sewage flowing into Swartkops a “dereliction of Municipality’s duty” - DA

Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister of Environmental Affairs, Thomas Hadebe, has said that party will launch an investigation with the Green Scorpions into the flowing of raw sewage water into the Swartkops River, which has amounted to “192 mega litres” since a pipe burst 15 weeks ago.

In a statement, Hadebe said that on closer inspection, 13 holes were found in a one kilometre stretch of sewage pipe leading from the Markman Canal to Aloes, and that the total spillage was enough to fill 76-Olympic sized swimming pools.

He also added that despite criminal charges being laid by the Zwartkops Conservancy against five local councillors, and a signed petition of 1 300 signatures (currently standing at 1 981) asking Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, to intervene with the matter, “the ANC governed Nelson Mandela Bay Metro municipality has been dreadfully silent throughout this environmental disaster”.

“It is the duty of a municipality to operate and maintain their services infrastructure in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. The failure of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality in this regard has led to rapid deterioration of assets, followed by catastrophic component failure, and regular and prolonged disruptions in service delivery.

“Residents have been waiting to hear whether the municipality is planning a clean-up operation and have demanded that the municipality publish the results of water tests so that they can know when the river will be safe again,” he said, adding that the matter will be raised during the next Parliamentary sitting.


IMAGE sourced from Zwartkops Conservancy Facebook page