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Shaun Blunden granted R50 000 bail, faces minimum 15 years if convicted

Jul 3, 2015
Shaun Blunden granted R50 000 bail, faces minimum 15 years if convicted

The owner of Blunden Coach Tours, Port Elizabeth businessman, Shaun Blunden, was on Thursday granted bail of R50 000 by Magistrate Hannelien Larson in addition to a set of strict bail conditions as he is likely intimidate witnesses.

On Tuesday, the court had heard from Blunden's lawyer, Paul Roelofse, that he was able to pay a bail amount of R10 000 and that he would not interfere with state witnesses.

Blunden faces charges of attempted murder after he allgedly shot his sister's ex-husband, Deon Williams, and allegedly assaulted and pointed a firearm at his niece, Kaylin Williams. He faces two additional charges of malicious damage to property and intimidation. 

Magistrate Larson said that there is a strong prima-facie case against Blunden. She said that if convicted, Blunden faces a minimum sentence of 15 years on a charge of attempted murder alone.

The case was postponed to August 25 for further investigation. The State reportedly intends to argue that the shooting incident is a Scehdule 5 offence.

Williams’ daughter, Kaylin, last week told the Court that her father had had to undergo surgery twice at Greenacres Hospital following the shooting.

“On admission to hospital [on Saturday] my father went straight into theatre where he had approximately 120cm of his small bowel resected [cut out] along with small bowel repair. Doctors had to control the bleeding and my father received five blood transfusions," she narrated.

“Unfortunately, complications set in resulting in a second surgery. My father received an additional two units of blood in preparation for surgery. This morning [yesterday] at around 7.30am ... doctors had to perform a nephrectomy. My father’s right kidney was removed.”

At the time, she said Williams was still in the intensive care unit on full ventilation, although he was conscious and stable.