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Sheshegu serial rapist Mayizole Dingiso handed 20-year jail term by Bisho High Court

Nov 22, 2018
Sheshegu serial rapist Mayizole Dingiso handed 20-year jail term by Bisho High Court

Sheshegu senior citizens, in Alice, will now sleep peacefully again after a serial rapist, Mayizole Dingiso (35), who preyed on defenseless women was sentenced to an effective twenty years behind bars by the Bisho High Court.

The same court on Wednesday, handed three life sentences plus 205 years to another serial rapist from Mdantsane, East London.

"Mayizole Dingiso from Lower Sheshegu in Alice Alice was found guilty and positively linked through DNA on two rape charges and other crimes," said police spokesperson, Capt Khaya Tonjeni.

Dingiso was sentenced as: 

  • 1. Housebreaking with intent to rape-Five years (5),
  • 2. Rape - (12) years,
  • 3. Theft-Two (2) years,
  • 4. Housebreaking with intent to rape-Five (5) years, and
  • Rape twelve (12) years.

"Charge one to three will run concurrent as well as charge four(4) and five(5) resulting in effective sentence being twenty years," Captain Tonjeni said.

Mayizole Dingiso, targeted defensless women

He said that on count one, housebreaking with intent to rape, it is alleged that on 28 September 2014, near Mpozisa, in Sheshegu, Alice, the accused unlawfully entered the house of an elderly woman with the intent to rape her.

"After getting unlawful entry at the premises, Dingiso raped a 72-year-old woman," added Capt Tonjeni.

"On the same day, the suspect stole a DVD player from the victim's house."

He said that the suspect raped another victim, a 57-year-old woman, not very far from the place where the initial crime was committed on 11th October 2014 also at Lower Sheshegu, in Alice.

The case was investigated by Sgt Gaika - Eastern Cape SAPS Service Excellence Award top detective recipient 2018.

The sentence was handed over by Judge Belinda Hartley, who elucidated that the suspect meticulously planned these attacks after identifying elderly and vulnerable victims.

"You knew their coming and going and which company they kept. These attacks were well planned over time and it would appear that sexual satisfaction was the primary driver," said the Judge.

The two survivors, who are both senior citizens ,were also in court during the sentence accompanied by close friends and relatives.

"I am very delighted for the twenty (20)year sentence. We did not even knew the culprit but are very much satisfied with the outcome," said the 72-year-old survivor.

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