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Shock after Port Elizabeth student teacher is brutally assaulted by pupil

JULY 22, 2015
Shock after Port Elizabeth student teacher is brutally assaulted by pupil

Local residents have expressed shock at the news that a final year education student from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) was brutally assaulted by a Grade 10 learner at Cingani High School in Motherwell on Tuesday.

Commenting on social media, some called for the authorities to ensure better security for educators and learners at schools; for parents to ensure children are disciplined from home; while other called for the cane to be brought back.

One observer noted; "Since corporal punishment was abolished so was discipline. Speak to anyone pre 1994 and they will tell you that they respected their education. Watch how many walk the streets smoking in uniforms."

"Personally I am against corporal punishment. Hear me out! I do have an issue that the children (if you can call them that) are totally exonerated for their behaviour and are not forced to take any accountability for their actions. The scrapping of expulsion from school MUST be given back to the schools and their Governing Body's," another comment read.

Another person said; "Bring back corporal punishment. Kids these days are unruly and undisciplined.. They have no respect whatsoever."

According to local radio station, Algoa FM, the thirty-year old student teacher, Khuselo Minnie, was giving students feedback on a recent exam when the assault took place.

Minnie told the radio station that when he requested to see the student's exam mark, the learner became aggressive and started to beat him with his bare hands.

He fell to the floor and was kicked and stomped on while other learners stared in fear and shock.

"He was kicking me, I was on the floor, he was hitting me on my head, everywhere, on my whole body. I have been to the medical doctor and to the police station. I'm going to go back to the doctor. I have a bruise on my head, I was bleeding and my back is in excruciating pain," described Minnie.

The attack only stopped when other teachers came in the classroom to intervene.

 Minnie, who has described the situation at the school as unsafe, still has to complete his teaching practicals at the school.

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