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Shooting and Archery competitions at St Andrew's College

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016
Shooting and Archery competitions at St Andrew's College

Five thousand, one hundred and sixteen rounds of pellets; 516 target fronts; fifteen hours and 472 competitors saw the completion of an extreme sports event – shot by many with enjoyment and competence. The organisational skills of the Houses is to be commended, and my thanks to the shooting specialists who assisted on the six days in those quiet ways by coaching with impartiality and expertise, replacing targets, and building up and breaking down the range before and after the competition.

Ninety-eight percent of the College shot this competition. Commendations go to the 42 staff members who came to support their Houses, and did their best to learn a new skill.

This competition was fiercely contested by the Houses and by the Staff. The outcome was nail-bitingly close. The winner of the Staff medal was Ms M Human, with a score of 89. The final House results, in reverse order, are as follows:


6th                         Mullins                 65.4

5th                         Espin                     66.2

4th                         Graham                  66.3

3rd                         Merriman              69.6

2nd                         Armstrong             70.1

1st                          Upper                     71.8


Upper House won the Arthur Matthews Memorial Cup.

Archery Egyptian Trophy

The Egyptian Trophy shot with a selection of six boys from each House shooting the competition. The weather conditions were fine and the standard was good. Top archer in the competition was Matthew Minnaarfrom Mullins House. The eight archers who produced the best scores have qualified for the Individual Championships which will be held on the morning of Speech Day.

These boys are: M Minnaar (M); D Fick (G); M de Kock (U); H Ngxenge (E); C de Wall (Mer); B Harvey (E); A Joubert (A); G Price (A).

Final team results were as follows:

6th        Merriman                   671

5th        Mullins                      713

4th        Graham                       837

3rd           Armstrong               855

2nd          Espin                         911

1st           Upper                         992

Egyptian Trophy was also won by Upper House