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Shots fired at Pretoria court

By Natali Iverson - Aug 19, 2014
Shots fired at Pretoria court

Two awaiting trail suspects have gone missing after shooting a court orderly and a police officer at the Pretoria Magistrates court on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident was reported to have happened in the holding cells of the court where the men were being trailed for house robbery and the possession of unlicensed firearms. Eyewitness News (EWN) reports that a weapon had been smuggled into the cells before the suspects entered the court and started shooting.

According to an article in the Beeld newspaper, the court orderly had gone down to the cells to fetch the first suspect, when the latter opened up fire and shot him in the side. A police officer, who had gone down to investigate after hearing the commotion, was grabbed by the neck and shot.

Although early reports have stated that he was shot in the head, police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Khensani Magoai, couldn’t confirm as to whether this was accurate.

“According to the information I have, he was shot in the upper body and he is in a serious condition,” he was quoted as saying by EWN.

Both men have been admitted to hospital while police continue to search for the suspects who hijacked a car after the shooting. It was later found abandoned in Atteridgeville.


Photo sourced from www.flickr.com