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Simple Ways to Save More Money on Your Food Bill

May 27, 2020
Simple Ways to Save More Money on Your Food Bill

Food is one of the expenses that recur. Well, we have to eat daily, right? The problem is that you can end up paying through the nose for your food bills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that the average couple spends about 12% of their income on food. This is quite a figure, keeping in mind other bills and life demands you still have to keep an eye on. So how can you save more on your food bills? In this article, we discuss some simple ways to open up some serious space in your food budget

Make a shopping list and stick to it

It might surprise you but grocery stores research on consumer habits then design their stores to make you buy more. For example, if you are keen, you will realize non-essential products like chocolate bars located almost close to the billing stands. It is so easy to pick items that are not necessary and unbudgeted for as you shop. You have to resist the temptations. Always write your shopping list or use a shopping list app for easy reference and stick to only what you want to buy.

Turn leftovers to new meals

According to research, an average person tosses out $2500 worth of food in a year. That is certainly a lot of money that would have been used to pay up other bills. To avoid such wastage, you will need to be creative with your leftovers. For example, for a quick lunch, you can mix your leftover spaghetti with eggs and turn it to a filling Italian omelet.  

Take advantage of offers and deals

Another great way to save money is by taking advantage of offers and discounts in your favorite stores. Imagine buying a product at 50% off the normal price, think about how much you would save if you purchased the items in bulk. For example, use coupons as you make payments online. You can look at catalogues and discount brochures to find any specials on offer from stores. The Checkers catalogue is one of the best places to look at deals you can use to save more on your food purchases from the store. Just try to find if your favorite food store has anything on offer before buying.

Cook at home

Most of us do not know how food prices are fixed in restaurants. Ideally, you are paying for the food, location, and services offered. Dining is excellent, but cutting down on the number of times you eat out will save you money. By cooking at home, you can control what you eat and use healthy ingredients. Moreover, you can turn those leftovers from cooked meals to new dishes instead of wasting food.

Home delivery saves money

If you have a habit of impulse shopping, then home deliveries will definitely save you some coins. Other than the convenience, there is less temptation to throw in things with online shopping as compared to physical shopping. It is easy to minimize impulse because you only buy what is indicated on the shopping list. Go for stores that offer free delivery for items that you need. The beauty is you might get discounts from the store if you buy in bulk. 

Wrap up

There are many other great tips that save you more on your food bills. You can also inculcate habits like including meal prepping, buying locally, and tracking food expenses to save you money.



Author Bio: Mehram-Ul-Bashir Nkosi enjoys creating content for retail shoppers and businesses. Assisting the editorial team at Outreach Monks, he leads a team of 15 native writers.