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Simply outstanding: Fushin has a perfect mix of style, service and oh so good food

By Graeme Lund - Dec 30, 2015
Simply outstanding:  Fushin has a perfect mix of style, service and oh so good food

Benchmarks and standards seem to rise to new heights with each passing year. Nokia set a benchmark in usable cell phones in the ‘90s and Blackberry, with their BBM, raised the bar in the 2000s and then new heights were reached when Apple came along with touch-screens and apps.

Hairstyles from the ‘80s seem like abnormalities today and every form of social media is constantly improving.

So how does this equate to the restaurant industry in the Eastern Cape? There are plenty of restaurants that serve Nokia 2110 meals or have Fran Dresher-Fine cuisine but, if you want iPhone 6 service, Taylor Swift taste and Google innovation, then look no further than Fushin, because this is a restaurant that sets the benchmark in the Eastern Cape. 

In fact, like Google, Fushin has its diversification too. Their flagship restaurant is in the famous Stanley Street, in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, as is Soho Fushin Lounge and both offer al fresco dining. In Sunridge, you’ll find their Street Bar, and at Baywest, the Champagne and Oyster Restaurant.

The restaurants do have their differences in menu and decor but what is clearly common to all four is their excellent service, awesome style and innovative, delicious, oriental based food.

Mark Oosthuizen, the dynamic owner of these restaurants frequently experiments with new ingredients. His menus are seasonal so that they not only take advantage of available, fresh ingredients, but also satisfy the changes in taste that come with the seasons.

I loved the Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup in winter but, let’s face it, this is not what your body craves after a day at the beach. However, a Panco Prawn and Gorgonzola Salad washed down with a bit of bubbly would certainly complement a sunny day.

Fushin on Stanley Street is a relatively small restaurant and is almost always full. Mark refuses to take reservations which, personally, I think is a grand idea. It’s like going whale watching or game viewing, there’s no certainty that you’ll see the Humpback or the Lion or, in this case, get a table, but when you do, that uncertainty transforms into pure happiness.

And every meal that I have had at Fushin, and I’ve had many, is pure delight. There’s something about sitting on a sidewalk that just makes a meal happier. Maybe it’s the European atmosphere or the fresh air or the friends and acquaintances that stroll by with a smile and greeting but whatever it is, I’ll be spending much of this summer outside Fushin.

See you at Shop 5 Stanley Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth or at the new Baywest Mall. For bookings, call 041 811 7874 or visit www.fushin.co.za.